Neo's Pokémon Barn

The inside of the barn is surprisingly spacey, with plenty of breathing and playing space for Pokémon and a lot of artificial nests and water bowls, as well as the latest technology in automated Pokéblock feeders. There aren't as many Pokémon inside as there are outside, but the variety is just as great, and there's more of those strange species and variations!

The young girl from before peeks inside to talk to you a little again.


"So you're going to help me out with those little guys too? You're awesome! Okay, here's the deal, go in the kitchen and get some poffins I've made for today, alright? You should be able to figure out who wants to eat what just watching them. Good? Good, thanks a lot!"

"And don't even think about catching any of them, I'm using a Pokémon Tracker to keep them all straight, so you try to leave, and I'll know."

With that friendly warning, she flashes you a smile, winks impishly, and then heads back outside, probably to tend to the Pokémon on the field.


1034354.png 1034356.png 1034357.png 1058414.png 1034338.png 1034337.png 1073285.png
1104625.png 1159402.png 1159394.png 1159544.png 1260904.png 1160933.png 1342510.png
1164964.png 1159405.png 1392759.png 1392665.png 1392771.png 1392783.png 1392870.png
154228.png 554099.png 992237.png 1436824.png 1458513.png 1445259.png 1467553.png
1467558.png 1472505.png


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2968931.gif 3027540.gif 3027543.gif 3029846.gif 3029870.gif 3029943.gif 3174810.gif
3175473.gif 3176788.gif 3212985.gif 3214939.gif 3226311.gif 3226313.gif 3226314.gif
3226315.gif 3226319.gif 3226336.gif 3226339.gif 3226345.gif 3263528.gif 3293746.gif
3294223.gif 3328899.gif 3348935.gif 3348936.gif 3364431.gif 3364432.gif 3364437.gif
3364433.gif 3364434.gif 3371450.gif 3541823.gif 3831566.gif 3831666.gif 3875838.gif
3875854.gif 3875855.gif 3909558.gif 4092331.gif 4007498.gif 4007501.gif 4037612.gif
4075950.gif 4075951.gif 4075953.gif 4075954.gif 562932.gif 4092329.gif 4092330.gif
4007495.gif 4128682.gif 4128690.gif 4308280.gif 4308281.gif 4139512.gif 4308283.gif
4308284.gif 4308287.gif 4725896.gif 4732467.gif 4554322.gif 4928727.gif 5048049.gif
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