TESNC: The Vigil of Stendarr

"Wherever abominations hide, the Vigil of Stendarr will cast them into the light."

The Vigilants of Stendarr are an order of paladins who, rather than protect the innocent by defending them, as the Crusaders of Stendarr do, proactively seek out Daedric artifacts for destruction or safekeeping. They also hunt down all that prey on mortals, from the Daedra to vampires, lycanthropes, and even witches and sorcerers.

Their main headquarters is the Temple of Stendarr in Skyrim, nestled in Stuhn's Ravine, in the mountains to the south of Dawnstar. They also have local headquarters across Tamriel, including Fort Doomwatch at Kavas Rim Pass, in the Valus Mountains, serving both Cyrodiil and Morrowind, and ???? (where the Order of Stendarr is located) in High Rock.


Fourth Era

Founding of the Vigil

The Vigil of Stendarr arose as a response to the Oblivion Crisis, and was heavily validated by further events such as the Umbriel Crisis, and the involvements of Daedric forces and artifacts in the Great War on the Aldmeri Dominion's side.

Destruction of the Hall of the Vigilants



The membership of the Skyrim chapter consists mostly of Nords, Dunmer, and Redguards of the various Divine faiths.

In the years following the Great War, the Skyrim chapter of the Vigilants was left weakened, with the loss of most of its most capable warriors due to war casualties and Thalmor patrols arresting all who worshipped Tiber Septim as the Divine Talos. Of those left, many felt that the Keeper of the Vigil was underestimating the Daedra and other monsters' abilities to go to ground and conceal their activities, and with the decision to turn away from rigorous martial training in favor of the arts of restoration and alchemy.

In the year 201 of the Fourth Era, the Hall of the Vigilants, as well as its Keeper and many of its men, were destroyed by the the Volkihar vampire clan, though a splinter faction born from the seed of dissent became the modern Dawnguard and left before the assault. Several patrols were also spared, though the loss of their headquarters, leaders and trainers was a harsh blow to the faith of many. With the destruction or neutralization of the main Volkihar bloodline, at the hands of the Dragonborn Martyn and the Dawnguard, the Vigilants were able to recover much of their former strength, owing to the timely aid of the neighboring Cyrodiil chapter of the Vigilants, and the grudging collaboration of the Dawnguard.

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