TESNC: New Temple of the Triune Way


Death of Nerevar and Foundation of the New Triune Way

Fall of the Tribunal Temple and Holy War

Advent of the Reclamations and Return to the True Triune Way

Important Figures

In order to reflect the proper authenticity on the subject of the saints, Daedra and other figures deemed relevant to the New Temple and through their own official perspective, we quoted, with permission, the words of Librarian Shelithah of the Order of Doctrine and Ordination, author of the Fourth Era rewrite of "Lives of the Saints", in the following summaries.

Those scholars seeking more academic perspectives on these people are invited to seek out one of the Essayists' other works, the "Atlas Tamrielica of Kings and Rebels Great and Small", which aims to explore the many figures of history and myth, and finally shine an objective and unbiased light on many subjects deliberately murkied in wars of politics, public opinion, and propaganda.

Saint Veloth the Pilgrim

Daring to denounce the sins of decadence and corruption of the Aldmer, Saint Veloth is the patron of Outcasts and Spiritual Seekers. As the prophet and warrior-mystic who led the exodus of the Chimer to the holy land of Morrowind, Veloth became the first mortal saint of the newborn Velothi faith, and it was his teachings, as taught to him by the Good Daedra, that instructed the Chimer, and later on the Dunmer, on many of their ways of life, and on how to properly negotiate with the Good and Bad Daedra.

Saint Veloth's many artifacts are safeguarded in sites of worship throughout Deshaan,

Saint Almalexia the Warden

Azura, Reclamation of Mystery

Boethiah, Reclamation of Mercy

Mephala, Reclamation of Mastery

Saint Nerevar the Captain

An inspiring example of valor, Saint Nerevar is the patron of Warriors and Statesmer. Lord Nerevar was sainted after his martyrdom at Red Mountain, celebrated both for uniting the Chimer and Dwemer against the First Empire of the Nords, and for later ensuring a decisive victory against the combined forces of traitorous Houses Dagoth and Dwemer, and the opportunistic Nords led by Wulfharth the Underking.

His sacred artifacts, the enchanted Ring of the Ancestors, One-Clan-Under-Moon-And-Star, and his mystical sword, Trueflame, had been thought respectively lost and shattered in the Battle of Red Mountain. The Nerevarine wore Lord Nerevar's ring without ill effect, and would later go on to recover and reforge Trueflame. Both relics were once again lost when the Nerevarine chose to join Emperor Uriel Septim VII's expedition to Akavir, following heavy pressure and obvious hostility from the traitorous King Helseth and the spiritually corrupt Great Council. The Nerevarine remained on Akavir, according to Blades' reports shared with the Temple, in an attempt to slay as many of the foul snakemen as he could.

Saint Sotha Sil the Magus

Saint Vivec the Poet

Saint Aralor the Penitent

Saint Delyn the Wise

Saint Felms the Bold

Saint Jiub the Eradicator

Saint Llothis the Pious

Saint Meris the Peaceful

Saint Olms the Just

Saint Rilms the Barefooted

Generous beyond mere mortal bounds, Saint Rilms is the patron of Pilgrims and Beggars. Shamed by the greed and decadence rampant in her own House, Rilms renounced them, took off her shoes, and undertook a pilgrimage to every city, town, and village in the Land of Veloth, giving away all of her possessions, from her gem-heavy signs of nobility down to her very clothes, in order to feed, clothe and shelter all the poor she encountered. Even when she became a beggar herself, she would only plead on the behalf of others, and shared all she was given with others who needed it more than she.

Her sacred artifact, the Shoes of Saint Rilms the Barefooted, became powerful enchanted footwear upon her death, as part of her spiritual power flowed into her last possession. They were lost in the destruction of Vivec City during the Red Year, but some Tribunal fanatics insist that the holy relics, protected by the residual power of Lord Vivec, still reside in the ruins of the High Fane that rise from the vortex of Scathing Bay like blackened teeth.

Saint Roris the Martyr

Saint Seryn the Merciful

Saint Vorys the Immolant

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