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Darts is a competitive game, spread all across Tamriel. It originated with the Ra Gada of ancient Yokuda, who themselves learned it from older yokudan soldiers, long before the Ansei ever existed. As far as anyone knows, the game was thought-up in the long early wars with the lefthanded elves, when soldiers were caught in week-long sieges and stand-offs with the elves of Yokuda. Bored and with nothing to do, the soldiers would take broken blade-points and elven arrowheads, and throw them at bucklers.

Their superiors encouraged this game as a way for soldiers to work on throwing skills and aim, and so it took off, and begat the first dart-throwing competitions as yokudans tried to hit specific decorations and sections on the shields. It eventually evolved into the darts of today, and the modern Forebear-inspired playing dartboards.

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