Contests » Battle-Crab Dueling

This bloodsport is an ancient chimeri tradition that began with the clans of the inner sea, in the tribal culture period of Morrowind. The coastal strongholds would raise and breed many varieties of crabs, and their chiefs would use them as proxies in duels against those of conflicting clans in a highly ritualized crab-fight.

The battle-crabs would be decorated with warpaint made with the blood of the chief, and become imbued with his spiritual strength. If a chief's crab died in the combat, the chief's spirit was weak and he would be exiled. If the crab was however victorious against its opponent, the chief's spirit was greater than that of the rival chief, and would be considered the one who was better and stronger. In this way, coastal tribes would solve disputes and earn bragging rights without risking the lives of their warriors or chiefs directly.

It later became an entertaining bloodsport, once the House chimer rose and the nobles fully separated themselves from the commoners. Most crab species grew unsuitable to breed and train for fighting as the bloodsport became more and more violent, but the prolific and aggressive mudcrab was perfect for it.

Battle-crabs are decorated with victory notches on their shells for every win they achieve, and can be entered in quite a number of local crab-dueling rings all across Tamriel. Each dueling ring has its own rules, and some may allow armor or enchantments for their battle-crabs, while others may prohibit any enhancements at all, including claw-sharpening and shell-laquering.

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