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Originally a dwemeri children's game, Angles and Arcs was adopted as a popular game by Great House Indoril and former Great House Hlaalu sometime after the formation of the First Council of Morrowind, and completely stripped of dwemeri elements shortly after the disappearance of the dwarves. It has since spread to the Summerset Isles, including the Isle of Artaeum, and in High Rock, where seasonal tournaments are organized, sponsored by the Schools of Julianos.

The game is played with a blackboard, chalks, and a mathematical compass. The goal is to calculate the most complex shapes in the shortest amount of time, and the players take turns doing so. A player loses if they forfeit the game, solve a less-complex shape, or solve their shapes more slowly than the player before them. The last player remaining is declared the winner of the match.

Similar to the geometric calculation games Euclidea and Pythagorea.

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