TESNC: Races - Skaal




Schism of Nord and Skaal

Herma-Mora, the Traitor, and Tharstaag's Bane

Dunmeri Blodskaal and Mer-Blooded Skaal

With the slow decline of the presence of Nords on Solstheim, alongside the rapid rise of Dunmeri presence, the Skaal slowly shifted to induct Dunmer into their ranks, who converted to the Skaal religion with very little fuss. These Dunmeri Blodskaal caused only a minor shift as they brought with themselves aspects of ancestor-worship, and mingled it with Skaal shamanism. The unexpected racial mingling gave rise to an increased number of Mer-blooded men, to the point where the Skaal, in a mere three centuries, became a predominantly manmer race, now distinct from the Nord in more than culture.

Famous Skaal

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