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Factota are animunculi created in the fabled Clockwork City of Sotha Sil. Surviving records of the Interregnum provide a wealth of detail on the mysterious Clockwork City and its inhabitants, including details which places many factota above Dwarven automatons in intelligence and cognition. Assuming, of course, that one knows where to look for such rare information.



Partitions are ethereal projections of a Factotum which operate semi-independently from the physical Factotum, able to see, hear and speak, but not physically interact or be interacted with. This ability is close to that of a mage's spirit-projection, though obviously achieved by technology rather than magic. Documents indicate that "partition" refers to both the projection of the Factotum, the apparatus used to display them, and the information transferred from the projection to the physical Factotum's thought-organ.



Famous Factota


AIOS, the "Automata Incarnum Overseer System", is a Factotum who reportedly has partitions set up all around the Brass Fortress, and whose purpose seems to be supervising and maintaining what happens "behind the scenes" in the Clockwork City, in the myriad systems and functions that not even the Clockwork Apostles fully understand and that we of Nirn can only wonder about.

The Cacophany

The "Cacophany", as Named by Saint Vivec in his Cantatas, are referred to in reports as "Auditory Stimulators", and seem to have either escaped or been exiled from the Clockwork City and to the swamps on the northern border of Argonia, where they gained both fame and infamy among Argonians and Dunmer with decennial parades of noisy, discordant "music". The sole, long-enduring remains of the handiwork of the Clockwork King on Nirn were a hint to Sotha Sil's unique brand of humor, and still baffle and amuse historians and adventurers to this day.

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