TESNC: Clan Ra'athim


Adoption into House Mora

Very few records exist of House Mora, and even fewer of the history that led the Ra'athim to join them as a vassal house. All that could be confirmed was that it occurred at some point between the time of the alliance between Chimer and Dwemer, and that of the Tribunal Temple's early golden years.

Transfer into House Hlaalu

Important Figures

Witch-King Moraelyn

Fiction is difficult to separate from fact in the great figure of Moraelyn, the Witch-King of Ebonheart. Much of what Tamriel knows of his legend comes from the unfinished historical fiction novels "King Edward", a Breton favorite supposedly based on a true story. But the Essayists' Guild are dedicated to finding and reconstructing as much of the truth as is possible even thousands of years later, and it is with a satisfactory amount of confidence that we publish our claims on Moraelyn Ra'athim.

"King Edward" holds several accurate claims, such as Moraelyn's relatives and the location of the Ra'athim Ancestral Tomb that Castle Ebonheart was built around and upon, the timeframe of the Nordic Empire's occupation of Morrowind, and several of his adventures, but other claims are confusion and mistaken assumptions, or, very interestingly, seem designed to mirror embellished versions of the deeds of another Chimer war hero, Indoril Nerevar.

Moraelyn Ra'athim was born to Ra'athim Alinari Velas and Kronin Ra'athim, and had an older brother, Cruethys Ra'athim, an older stepbrother, Ra'athim Ephen Velas, and a maternal aunt, Dres Yoriss Velas.

He first kidnapped and married Queen Aliera Drakecild, a Breton noblewoman known as the Dragon-Queen of Wayrest, and had a son with her called Edward Drakecild. He remarried after the deaths of Queen Aliera and King Edward, to Ladralii Mora, and had a daughter, Lian Mora, who would in turn give birth to twin grandsons, Indoril Thivayn Mora and Sarelis Mora. Indoril Thivayn Mora's most famous descendants were the bard-thief Drayven Indoril and his granddaughter, the master thief Karliah, both known under the alias of Nightingale.

King Hlaalu Athyn Llethan

Queen Barenziah

Empress Katariah I

Born Katariah Ra'athim. Before becoming the wife of Pelagius Septim III in the year 141 of the Third Era, she served as the Duchess of Vvardenfell.

She officially became Empress Katariah I in the year 3E153, upon her husband's death, though she had gained control of Tamriel as Empress Regent in 3E147. Her reign lasted for forty-seven years, until her death in the year 3E200, where she was succeeded by the son she had with Pelagius, Cassynder Septim.

Katariah had two children later in her life, both of whom would go on to rule as Emperors after her death. Cassynder Septim was her only son with her husband, then Emperor Pelagius Septim III. Uriel Lariat was her second son by her consort Gallivere Lariat, a Breton nobleman, after Pelagius' death, and he himself had a son, Andorak Lariat, whose bloodline still rules Shornhelm, in High Rock, to this day.

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