TESNC: House Mora


Uplifting to House Status

Alliance with the Nordic Invaders

Adoption of Clan Ra'athim

Destruction of House Mora

The majority of House Mora was eliminated in one month-long execution campaign by the Morag Tong, sponsored directly by the Tribune Vivec.

According to the twenty-second sermon of the Lessons of Vivec, House Mora was targeted when they refused to hand the "Treasure Wood Sword", one of Vivec's "children" which was "barren of his marriage", over. The Essayists are divided as to the possible meaning of this sword, if it was even a sword, but most agree that it must have been "Dragon's Blade", a sword that Moraelyn was famed for receiving directly from an aspect of Akatosh, Mephala's own Ebony Blade, or some closely-guarded sword-stroke known only to the Ra'athim.

One of the Redguard Researchers would like to point out that Vivec, known as the Ansu-Gurleht in Ra Gada tradition, is credited with re-introducing the lost art of the Shehai Shen She Ru, or "Way of the Spirit Sword", to the remains of Yokuda and the area of Sentinel in Hammerfell. Of similar worth, the descriptions of Moraelyn's blade, said to be indestructible, made of bone and blood, and able to cut through even ebony, and of Indoril Nerevar's sword Trueflame, said to be shaped like a frozen flame and wreathed in blood-colored fire, both match partial descriptions of a fully-formed Spirit-Sword.

Important Figures

Saint Nerevar the Captain

Witch-King Moraelyn

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