TESNC: Great House Indoril

"Justice knows no sleep: Indoril shall order, the Temple shall judge."
— Great House Indoril's motto



Those within Great House Indoril have always placed great value in a rigid hierarchy governed by their interpretation of Laws Determined. To the Indoril, with blood nobility comes faith, responsibility, and competence. The higher rank an Indoril is born into, the greater the demand of the House for this noble, however. If an Indoril shows a lack of the qualities dictated by their blood, they shall fall in rank as fits their corrupt nature. Conversely, if an Indoril of low blood shows qualities beyond their birth rank, the House will recognize their merit and uplift them.

Great House Indoril requires blood ties to the main family, its branch families, or its blood-vassal clans to progress past the rank of Oathman. If one is bound into the bloodline through marriage to an Indoril womer, they will be given one half of the worth of the womer's blood nobility, and the possibility to ascend to higher ranks.

Vacant positions within Great House Indoril are usually assigned by the Grand Ascendant, who is advised by the Seneschals of the House and Hold, as well as the New Temple's Alma Rula. Blood relatives of the last mer to hold the position will be considered first, from close to distant, then blood relatives of the main, branch, and vassal families, in same orders.

Great House Indoril's many families like to keep their exact ancestral records secret. If asked, Indoril elders usually maintain that this secrecy protects the families from fraudulent bloodline claims. Some outside Indoril argue that this practice instead makes it easier to deny legitimate claims and to forge false claims, all at the whims of the noble families who protect and maintain the records.

Grand Ascendant

The Grand Ascendant leads Great House Indoril, and is a living saint in all but name in the House's eyes, unable of any evil. Only through death or great dishonor can the Grand Ascendant be removed from their position and a new leader chosen.

Seneschal of the House

Illuminated Elders

Lay Elders

Concordant Ministers







Merethic Era

First Era

Second Era

Third Era

Refusal of Tiber Septim's Armistice

Fourth Era

Crusade Against and Surrender to the Dissident Temple Movement

Important Figures

Saint Almalexia the Warden

Saint Nerevar the Captain

Saint Olms the Just

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