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A game popular in the Summerset Isles, originally used to teach children the importance of lineage in bloodlines and the value of a wise breeding match. The game pieces are shaped into crowned mer and womer pieces, representing ancestors, and have many different sizes, shapes, weights, and pairing grooves that makes it hard to match the pieces perfectly.

To play the game, one matches ancestors in male-female or female-male pairs, and stacks them on top of those who come before them, building a "Heritage". The goal of the game is to use all 40 game pieces and build a stable Heritage. The game is lost when a breeding mismatch or an unsteady hand causes a tumble, and one must wait 12 seconds between each pair's stacking.

When played in a group, players take turns completing pairs instead, with the last player to successfully match ancestors choosing one of the pair for the next player's turn. A player can pass their turn three times in total per game, and may not pass their turn twice in a row. The game can be won either cooperatively, with the same rules as before, or competitively, where the player who avoided mismatches or completes the Heritage successfully is victorious.

Additional rules can be used to increase difficulty. Some of the most popular challenges are chromatic challenges, where ancestors must additionally be matched in ways that create color patterns, such as "sunset", which requires that pairs be matched in gradients from red to blue, in a sunset pattern, or "banner", where pieces must be matched so that the pair features the colors of a nobility banner. Other challenges include "patriline", in which the male ancestors can only be stacked over other male ancestors, and "exile", where 16 random pieces are taken out of the game beforehand and stacked into a Heritage, which wins if the player's Heritage tumbles or fails to stack at least one pair higher than the Exiled.

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