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The oldest dice in Tamriel are of a design that bore Aldmeris sigils, but the first known account of games of chance played using dice came from the ayleids, who used goods, favors and nedic slaves as wagers.

Gambling, and the dice used for it, was banned several times in Tamriel, most notoriously under the Alessian Doctrines, but that never stopped its popularity, merely drove it underground.

The Bandaari Pedlars are known to make and use weighted trick dice, as are the nords.

Bosmer use cups made of carefully stitched cured leather for their gambling dice.

Hammerfell dice are made of whittled and carved bones, in a traditional fashion made to please the Yokudan god Onsi the Boneshaver. The Forebears also have odd eight-faced prayer dice dedicated to their version of the Eight Divines, though they are mostly used for gambling in Glenumbra. A pair of loaded ebony dice called Hadoon's Fateful Dice also exist, allegedly found near HoonDing's Watch by a Vestige during the Second Era's Planemeld, and only ever roll a 1… save for when doom-driven people toss them.

Altmeri dice usually are crafted with lightweight, porous coral. Auridon produces commemorative brass dice for sale at festivals. An ostentatious set of golden gem-pipped dice in a gem-encrusted jeweled box, labelled "Administrative Decision Makers", is also known to exist.

Argonian dice are usually made of carved bones, and some have been made specifically out of dunmeri finger-bones, usually but not always sourced from dunmeri slavers and reavers. Crocodile-tooth dice are also common. They are typically stored in hissmir bloat-sacs in sets of 16.

Embossed scarlet-glass dice with a small amount of liquid within them exist, suspected to have come from an ayleid city with a flesh-garden.

Over-sized dice have been found in a tavern somewhere. Maybe giants' dice.

Pair of over-sized rose quartz dice with onyx pips, in a leather dice cup engraved "The Greedy Gut Tavern."
A pair of marble dice from the Rosy Lion Inn in Daggerfall.
Scrimshander's Dice Cup - An ornate dice casting cup carved from a single piece of whale bone.
Set of Brass Dice - These dice are quite heavy. The gleaming brass offsets the dots carved on each side.
Suede Pouch with Fine Bone Dice - Six dice carved from Wood Elf knuckles in a variety of polyhedral shapes, in a pouch of violet suede with a golden drawstring.
A pair of dice from the Watch House Tavern in Davon's Watch.
Weighted Gambling Dice - Gambling dice carved from horker ivory, weighted so that they always come up "double skulls."
Y'ffre's Bones Prayer Dice - Odd dice designed to aid in prayers to Y'ffre, though few besides Wood Elves know how to interpret them.

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