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One of the more popular card games of Tamriel, "Red Diamond Rift" was chiefly designed by Haruspia Caprenius, a painter specializing in watercolors. Haruspia designed a prototype of her card game, partly inspired by the Systresian "Tales of Tribute" card game, prominently featuring the history and legends of Nibenese and Akaviri Dragonguard cultures.

She tested and refined its rules with help of family and friends, and her husband, Laenius Caprenius, a factor of the East Empire Company, offered to submit it for funding to his superiors. The East Empire Company's directors approved the funding of its initial commercial production run, and so it was released in cities along the Niben in 4E 21, and sold out due to unexpected demand from Elsweyr and Skyrim.

Following its resounding commercial success, a second edition, illustrated jointly by Haruspia Caprenius, Rythe Lythandas, Lilja White-Eye, and Brush-Tail Ja'hani, was released in 4E 26. This new edition sold well enough that Haruspia was allowed funding to make an expansion honoring the cultures of her co-artists, and so a third edition was released in 4E 31, called "Red Diamond Rift: Snow, Ash & Sand", featuring the extra cards themed after the Poetic Edda, the heroes and villains of the era of Resdayn, and the tales of the Pride of Alkosh, respectively.

Further re-releases all included the cards of the third edition.

A special fourth edition was produced and distributed in 4E 221, to mark its two-centuries anniversary, by Rythe Lythandas shortly before his death. It featured copies of Haruspia Caprenius' original first edition art for the base cards, new artwork by Alexine Laurent and Avreg Moon-Tusk for the Snow, Ash & Sand cards, and new cards designed and painted by Rythe Lythandas. Those additional cards all depicted very specific people: the Numinous Vestiges, Talin Warhalf, Redoran Revaryl, Jehann Celd, Martyn the Dragonborn, Haruspia Caprenius, Lilja White-Eye, Brush-Tail Ja'hani, and Rythe Lythandas himself.

This is a blatant reskin of Triple Triad in Skyrim + tweaks.

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