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This is one of few games that the chimer had that survived fully intact to the current era alongside its successors. The original variation was called "Gharauvol Tarcel", or "Resist the Enemy", and dates back almost to the arrival of the chimer in Morrowind.

Bosmeri chess sets use folding turtle-shell box-boards, usually with malachite pieces shaped like bosmer and tiger's-eye pieces shaped like khajiit.

Khajiiti chess sets use not only the standard pieces, but variant ones who move with their own rules, and are shaped like moonstone furstocks and obsidian dro-m'Athra forms. Khajiit chess also often introduces inconsistent rules that shift after so many turns. This confusing variant is called "Lunar Chess".

Set up the tooltip for Fairy chess for them.

This is a reskin of Shatranj.

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