Statistics Key & Gameplay to Realistic Conversion
Statistics Key
Emoji Meaning
🪙 Value
The base mercantile price of the item, in gold coins.
The standardized gold coin is usually called a Septim or drake.
🪶 Weight
The weight of the item, in hectograms.
The tooltip shows the closest Imperial unit weight.


This mini-wiki is intended to be used as a personal reference when I (and others who use my c0da, in part or in whole) need to check up something about a more realistic Arena Supermundex. To this end, a lot of item, power, spell and racial statistics get converted to actual real-world values to provide a better reference point.

I'm breaking a bit of the immersion with this page, and this page only, to explain why I'm making the decisions I do.

🪶 Weight Unit

The odd weight unit used, at least in Morrowind, seems to be hectograms, so I've made conversions assumed from that. I've chosen to adapt everything to the Imperial system, which is predominantly what's shown used in game, or at least something with the same measurements at first glance.

While most of Tamriel is used to the Tamrielic (Cyrodiil) or Imperial measurement system, some regions have their own local measurement systems, or add additional measurements. The Imperial measurement system is taught in Cyrodiil, High Rock, eastern Hammerfell, northern Elsweyr, mainland Morrowind, and Skyrim, all areas that were under Imperial territory for a long time and assimilated for the most part. In other locations, learning the Imperial system is something that needs to be sought out.

The merrish Conventional measurement system, which is metric, has measurement units for magical measurements, which means that many Imperial and High Rock mages also learns it alongside their magic theory. It's taught in the Summerset Isles, Artaeum and Pyandonea as the Magnusian, Magnean or Magnian system, partially in High Rock and Cyrodiil by institutes of Julianos as the Mage's units, and in Morrowind, Skyrim and Cathnoquey as the Jhunalian or Jhunic system. It was also used by the dwemer, giving it the names of Dwarven or Dwemeri system, and is taught in Yneslea, and as part of dwemerology studies.

Argonia, Orsinium, the Reachfolk and Vvardenfell have their own measurement systems.

⏳ Time

None of the games work at a 1:1 timescale with the real world, so I've just converted everything over to the real-time equivalent, and use the largest units to convert everything.

📏 Distance

I'm using non-canon distances, based off of a comparison that MK and LadyNerevar made between a "realistic" Tamriel's size and our own world, then comparing that to Arena's distances, and comparing Arena to the other games. It's inexact and not very elegant, but it gives a solid enough base.

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