TESNC: Fighters' Guild


Founding of the Syffim

In the dawn of the year 320 of the Second Era, the Syffim, named after the Tsaesci word for "soldier", was founded by Dinieras-Ves "the Iron" as an order of mercenaries meant to be an alternative to locally-commanded standing armies. It was originally comprised solely of Akaviri, but local soldiers loyal to Potentate Versidue-Shaie were allowed in their ranks out of necessity.

For more information on the early history of the Fighters' Guild, the Essayists' Guild would recommend the book "History of the Fighters Guild" by XXXXXX, which is well-researched, and goes into even deeper details on the Syffim's provincial kingdoms, and the various manners of chaos that the early Fighters' Guild was tasked to restore order to, as well as their most noteworthy battles and victories.

Imperial Guilds Act and Renaming of the Syffim

In 2E 321, Potentate Versidue-Shaie approved the Guilds Act, and officially sanctioned, managed, and regulated the various guilds of the Empire. The Syffim, by then already better known by the name the common folk gave to it, formally changed its name to the Imperial Fighters' Guild.

Rise of the Tamriel Fighters' Guild

Decline of the Provincial Chapters



battlematron Lhaesa Vigil-Flame, second in command Vorayn Dreth


The local Fighters' Guild chapter of Morrowind fell prey to mass corruption, and became nothing more than a puppet of the Camonna Tong in the last years of the Third Era.

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