TESNC: Vvardvark Creatures

Common Vvardvark


Also known as the Demotic Vvardvark, the Common Vvardvark was thought to be an accidentally-released magical hybrid created in a Telvanni laboratory on Vvardenfell, and enjoyed a brief period of wild growth until it was found that most of their body parts were excellent alchemical ingredients against Blight diseases, either warding against or curing the illnesses. Their numbers were whittled down enormously, to the point where they were thought extinct until they unexpectedly resurfaced in the last century, sighted this time in the mainland wilds of the Telvannis Isles. Just as their first appearance had baffled their ancestors, their reappearance confused a whole new generation, though they are now firmly part of the ecosystem of Northeastern Morrowind.

Dozen-Banded Vvardvark


A creature that appeared mysteriously on Vvardenfell during the Three Alliances War, with alternating ebony and copper-colored bands of scales on its back. Like the common Vvardvark, these creatures were rumored to have escaped from a Telvanni's menagerie, but their pretty coloring indicates that they were likely made as pets. Unfortunately, unlike the common Vvardvark, the dozen-banded variant was swiftly poached into extinction by Imperial smugglers in the two years following the Armistice of Tiber Septim, as pets, and for their scales and alchemical properties.

Tuxedo Vvardvark


Some Telvanni prankster altered a small population of Vvardvarks in the middle of the Second Era to give them the same coloring as chub loons. Or they were intentionally made to infiltrate flocks of the unusual birds, one can never know with the Telvanni. Unfortunately, in an attempt to blend in with the aquatic birds, the Tuxedo Vvardvarks are known to throw themselves into the waters in emulation of the chub loon's hunting behavior, where they slowly sink and drown, as they are unable to swim and their fur becomes waterlogged. The Tuxedo Vvardvark has only survived through the popularity they gained as pets for the Breton nobility of the Iliac Bay, under whose hands they gradually gained a long-furred underside and a distinctly crescent-shaped snout, as well as the alternate names of Silky Vvardvark and Moon-Nosed Vvardvark.

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