TESNC: Spriggan Creatures

Burnt Spriggan


Native only to the island of Solstheim, one of the territories of Morrowind, the burnt spriggans are nature spirits who were seemingly permanently scorched in body and soul by the eruption of Red Mountain. They are seething with a burning, all-consuming rage, and haunt the heat-blackened and ash-silted remains of their sacred groves, using all the fire magic at their command to attack unwary travelers. Fortunate, then, that most who cross into their territory are either Dunmeri-blooded or loathsome bandits. They are one of the main reasons, alongside ashstorms, that the people of Solstheim build using stone, chitin and bonemold, all highly impervious to flame.

Myconian Spriggan


These strange spriggan-like constructs of bone and fungi are animated by a mushroom seedspore altered by secret Telvanni magics, and were invented by Master Neloth for the purpose of guarding his home of Tel Mithryn on Solstheim. The locals have taken to calling the myconian spriggans by the names of mushroom atronach and Telvanni bonewalker, visually-fitting but inaccurate names, as they are not daedric or ancestral in nature. They are formidable spellcasters, and augment those skills with mind-altering spores to further neutralize foes, allowing them to provide new subjects for Neloth's biological experiments.

Rooted Spriggan


A type of spriggan with hindered mobility, but all the more territorial, defending its glade with spells and conjured animal spirits.

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