TESNC: Skeever Creatures

The flesh of skeevers, much like that of their smaller relatives, the rats, is greasy and tough, with an unpleasant taste and odor that generally limits its use to very heavily seasoned stews. Rat meat is however cheap, abundant, and nutritious, and often becomes a staple food in lean times.

Raw giant rat meat also has modest magical properties, and can be used to contribute to magicka-sapping, stamina-draining and paralyzing poisons as well as life-sensing potions, and advanced poison-treating potions, magicka-draining and muting poisons.



The skeever, also known as the waste rat in Morrowind,

Mournhold Packrat


Domesticated by an ambitious Breton dwelling in Mournhold, the former capital of Morrowind, and trained since the middle of the Second Era by Alysander Mon and his descendants, the Mournhold packrat is a giant waste rat bred for size, strength, and intelligence. They are trained to carry goods, follow their masters over long distances despite distractions, and to make themselves scarce when threats approach, and are popular with collecting adventurers. Some have even taught their packrats to sniff out and recover valuable items, giving these rodents an unusually positive reputation as hardy and clever assistants well-suited to dungeon-delving. Unfortunately, as with their more repulsive and aggressive cousins, they only live for one to three years, sometimes four with exceptionally good care.

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