TESNC: Shalk Creatures

Common Shalk


Bluecap Shroom Shalk


The bluecap shroom shalk, alternatively known as the blue mushroom shalk, Blackreach shalk, soul's balm shalk and glowing mushroom shalk, is a longtime favorite household pet to the Dunmer of Morrowind. Their luminous, gently swaying mushrooms release minuscule, glowing mote-like spores into the air which, when breathed in, act as a mild soothing and comforting agent against stress and anxiety, and the clicking pitter-patter of the shalk's movements is serene and even at all times.

Goldcap Shroom Shalk


Though an obscure tradition in the financial circles of Morrowind, every officially acknowledged Dunmeri bank houses a goldcap shroom shalk in its basement or sublevel, received from the Temple in its late larval stage upon the opening of the branch. This tradition is thought to bring future fortune to the financial building, and it is said that the lifespan of the shalk is inevitably intertwined with the life and success of the branch. As such, the size of the shalk and the number of golden mushrooms growing from it, both of which increase as it ages, are taken as a sign of the bank's true age, leading to nicknames such as banker's shalk and fortune's tide shalk. Before the dissolution of Great House Hlaalu, it was also known as the Hlaalu shalk and gold-scales mushroom shalk, and is still known as such in Cheydinhal.

Ruby Shroom Shalk


A popular household pet on the Telvanni Coast of Northeastern Morrowind, the ruby shroom shalk, redcap shroom shalk, or amanita shalk is a seemingly constantly active but sluggish bug that loves warmth and often settles down in laps when allowed to.

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