TESNC: Scuttler Creatures
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Bantam Guar


Despite the name, the Bantam Guar, also known as Chicken Scuttler, is in fact not a true Guar, but a cousin of the Scuttler and a relative of the extinct Cliff Darter. They are a domesticated, flightless livestock animal raised most often in Southern Morrowind for their eggs and meat, and their sweet if dim-witted temperament, combined with their general behavior, has led to nicknames likes ugly chicken or ash-chicken being used by outsiders to discuss the Bantam Guar.



The Scuttler, Vermilion Scuttler, or Pocket Guar is a small and distant relative of the Cliff Strider family, and is both wild-caught and captive-bred, with a population spread across most of Morrowind's mainland. Their Guar-like devotion and intelligence make them a popular pet, and some hunters and adventurers even outfit their Scuttlers with metal clawtips and tailhooks to arm them for serious combat. The only drawbacks to a Scuttler are their mildly-offensive moldy smell, which can be mitigated by regular, light scrubbing of their scaled skin, and their fiercely defensive attitude toward their owner, which often results in hissing and threatening displays.

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