TESNC: Nix-Hound Creatures

Velothi Nix-Hound


The Dunmer of Morrowind's Bal Foyen region breed and train the common, Velothi or mainland nix-hound as their watchdogs, trackers, and netch-deflators, making them popular with both House Dres' plantation owners and slavemasters, and settled and Velothi Netchimans. They are just as aggressive as their Vvardenfell counterparts, but are less interested in pursuing Dreugh, and instead hunt down Daedra.

Verdant Nix-Hound


Legend says that the verdant or Vvardenfell nix-hound was magically created by Saint Vivec to assist in his vengeful crusade against the Dreugh, and their hunting instincts certainly support that theory, as they chase singlemindedly after the aquatic humanoids unless restrained. The verdant nix-hounds are known for shaking off disasters and rapidly adapting to new living conditions, such as their introduction to Solstheim's Ashlands, and the drastic change of Vvardenfell's environment after the Red Year.

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