TESNC: Netch Creatures

Bull Netch


Betty Netch


Blue Betty


The luminous, bright blue betty netch has a small amount of innate magic within its body which gives it is glow, and the blue fluid it sprays, rather than inflicting debilitating effects and having a foul smell, instead has a tart, grassy odor and mild curative properties, and it is often used on wounded or ill members of its herd, and sometimes even on familiar handlers. For this reason, many netchimans who live far from Temples or other places of healing prefer raising blue netches to other breeds.

Netch Calf


The immature form of the Netch imprints on a mother-figure within hours of birth, and will follow whatever creature it imprints on unerringly, making it easy to tame even a wild-born Netch calf. They indicate their moods clearly with their noises, tootling when content, trumpeting loud and high when upset, and making low, brassy honks when hungry, making it easy to learn how to care for them.

Mossy Netch Calf


The greenish, mossy Netch calves of the West Gash of Vvardenfell are even easier to tame than a traditional Netch calf, simply following after anyone and anything that smells like their favorite fungus. For this reason, they are ridiculously easy to lure away from their betties, and became very popular with first-time Netchimans who want experience raising Netches without the difficulty of getting calves to imprint.

Rosy Netch Calf


The sulfurous-smelling, reddish-hued "rosy" Netch calves who dwell in the foyadas of the Molag Amur region of Vvardenfell are feral descendants of netches bred by an ancient Chimeri clan to be well-adapted to volcanic conditions. They are loosely tended to by local Netchimans during the occasional round-ups, and any found to be ill or crippled is led away from the herd's sight, muted, and speared down.

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