TESNC: Kagouti Creatures



Hearthfire Kagouti


The Hearthfire kagouti was first sighted in the Telvanni Grazelands of the Second Era, and was once able of harnessing flame magics, suggesting that it was a magical hybrid of the kagouti and a flame atronach. Once the Hearthfire kagouti began breeding with mortal kagouti breeds, its offsprings retained the colors and demeanor of the Hearthfire, but lost their ember-like eyes and fiery abilities. They have a strange habit of abandoning their young almost immediately at birth, or of eating them outright, as if they have little to none of the usual instincts of other kagouti breeds. Ironically, this has led to Hearthfire kagouti being easily domesticated, though they require specialized caretakers and handlers to raise to adulthood and train into proper war mounts and beasts of burden.

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