TESNC: Guar Creatures

Common Vvardenfell Guar


A golden or amber-colored large breed, also colloquially known as the domesticated guar, which originated from the wilds of Vvardenfell. It also became commonplace on the mainland of Morrowind, often used as a herd, pack or caravan animal, thanks to its patient temperament. The most distinguishing feature of the common Vvardenfell guar, besides its larger size compared to other breeds, is the slight overbite it has that helps it unearth roots, tubers and fungi from the soil.

Wild Vvardenfell guar are known to occasionally be diseased with rockjoint, and should be approached cautiously, if at all, if they seem to move stiffly and with difficulty, or have visible swelling in their jaw.

Albino Guar


Albino guar, also known as white guar, should not be confused with the pale Velothi guar despite similar coloration. On close observation, the albino guar has cream-white scales, a translucent white skin not unlike that of Maormer, and cloudy ice blue eyes, and it tends to seek shade whenever the daytime skies are clear. Its various body parts are said to have potent magical properties, and many Ashlanders hold the belief that the Ancestors and Daedra manifest in the shape of white guar to help and guide their people, making albino guar sacred to them.

Banded Guar


The banded guar is the most common breed of guar used for military purposes, and is a relative of the wild tiger guar of Deshaan, possessing a similar feisty temperament and aggressive nature that lends itself well to a war-mount. Its powerful body can carry a warrior in a full suit of ebony or even heavy bonemold without being hindered, and it can launch into rapid charges on loose terrain like ash, swamps, sand and snow without difficulty, unlike many other mounts.

Golden-Eye Guar


The golden-eye guar, or simply golden-eye, is a semi-feral guar that is a hybrid of the banded guar and tiger guar, having a mean temperament, a fearsome intelligence, and being known for its difficulty to keep under control even for the best beastmaster. The Dunmer say that you do not tame a golden-eye, but rather that it chooses you. And once that bond is realized, the golden-eye is known for such loyalty to its master that it will die long before letting harm come to them. For this reason, the golden-eye guar is well-liked by Redoran military officers, and many of their ranks undertake the challenging task of rearing this guar breed with the final goal of having a loyal, vicious and unflinching war mount.

Green Narsis Guar


The green Narsis guar, also known by the names of Narsis guar, green mainland guar and prophet's guar, is a robust and hearty breed that hails from Narsis, and is used as the most common mount and dray-beast of Central Morrowind.

Pale Velothi Guar


A stalwart breed well-suited to survival on the harshest of Tamriel's condition, the pale Velothi guar, ice-eyed guar, or Velothi ashlizard lives on the Ashlands downwind from the Velothi Mountains' volcanoes, and is a common dray-puller and mount in Western Morrowind.

Hist Guar


A keen lover of music, the unique-looking Hist Guar, also known in Black Marsh as the Scales-Seem-Daubed-with-Hist-Sap, indeed appears as if its dark green skin was one day splattered with Hist sap, as it has brightly-glowing yellow splotches on its skin. It is, however, not actually partly covered with Hist sap, and is perfectly safe to handle for non-Argonians… But it has the ability to use a little bit of spellcasting and "spit" out a stream of poisonous destruction magic at would-be attackers.

Rift Ashlizard


A fish-loving, cold-resistant guar breed descended from the pale Velothi guar given as tribute to the Jarls who reigned over Morrowind long in the past, and whose blood now carries a similar resistance to the cold as Nords, the Nordic guar or Rift ashlizards now thrive on Solstheim's Ashlands. They have been part of the Riften aristocracy's animal collection since the early first era, though their numbers slowly shrank over time. Not long after the High King of Skyrim officially gave ownership of Solstheim to the Dunmer, the ruling Jarl of Riften, sensing an opportunity to soothe tensions with the ashlander Tribes as well, offered all seventeen remaining specimens of the Rift ashlizard to the small splinter-Tribe of Shinarekul, covered in traditional Nordic Frostbane garbs. The Nordic guar, with occasional crossbreeding with the pale Velothi guar, recovered and, wearing ashlander charm-knotted white pelts, became the symbol of the new tribe.

Shadowghost Guar


An extinct black and bone-white wild nocturnal guar breed that dwelt in the steep paths and stone teeth of Vvardenfell's Red Mountain, only venturing out from their nesting grounds under cover of ashstorms. When the calamity of the Sixth House began, the shadowghost were the first victims of the Blight, and had to be eradicated to contain the early spread of Corprus while the Ghostfence was being built.

Skyfire Guar


A mostly-wild and definitely hardheaded beast, the skyfire or gemstone guar, once also known as the poison or viperhead guar when it was thought to be poisonous, is a colorful and intimidating breed of guar that thrives in the saltmarshes of Southern Morrowind and Northern Argonia. It is highly resistant to poisons and diseases, and has an unusual taste for saltwater that makes it well-suited to its environment. Some naturalists believe the skyfire's unusual metallic coloration is a way to attract mates, while others instead say that it camouflages them against insects' sight, hiding them from predators like sky-renders and nix-hounds.

Tessellated Guar


The tessellated or green mosaic guar is sturdy, calm, and docile, making it a versatile breed that can be used as a pet, a mount, a beast of burden or as livestock, and who can live in virtually any of Morrowind's environments, from swamps to the ashlands.

Tiger Guar


A fearsome wild guar native only to the Deshaan plains, and luckily seldom encountered if you stick to the roads, the tiger guar, elven tiger or striped Deshaan guar, is a legendary wild breed known for its cunning and highly intelligent nature, as well as its aggressivity and resilience. All these traits together make the gold-eyed, dagger-toothed, orange-striped black guar a choice trophy for Dunmeri nobility looking for a challenging hunt. The only being known to have fully tamed a tiger guar was Saint Almalexia, who was said to have done so to provide suitably awe-inspiring and terrifying mounts for Her Hands to ride in battle with.

Common Pony Guar


A relative of the banded guar trained for Morrowind's cavalry, the common pony guar, or simply pony guar, is a widespread household animal in Morrowind, and is always eager for pets, cuddles, and just about any other form of affection.

Freckled Guar


The freckled guar is a pony breed of guar, popular in Deshaan for its high intelligence and its ability to follow relatively complex commands, though it comes with an attitude and independence that some owners might not find endearing.

Striated Pony Guar


The striated pony guar is a brother of the common pony guar, sporting the same hunger for affection and easily housebroken nature that makes it a good Morrowind pet, but with blaze-orange stripes rather than black ones.

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