TESNC: Cliff Strider Creatures

Cooking & Alchemy

Azure Cliff Strider


The azure cliff strider, known for its beautiful blue coloration, is a very rare pet for wealthy, well-connected lizard-pet fanciers.

It was once known as the Ascadian cliff strider and had a large breeding population there, until the events following the Red Year ravaged not only Vvardenfell, but turned its Ascadian Isles into the Scathing Bay Isles. A few specimens were recovered and nursed back to health, and bred selectively with their hardier Molag Amur cousins to retain their beloved blue pigments without introducing the feral, sour temperament of cliff racers, saving the domesticated species from extinction.

Girdle-Tailed Cliff Racer


Notoriously aggressive and terrifyingly single-minded in pursuit, this well-known Morrowind pest was the result of Thetys Ramarys' misguided attempt at breeding Vvardenfell's Bitter Coast cliff striders into long-distance fliers. They were then released into the wilds of the volcanic land, and their population exploded to the detriment of other cliff strider species as well as most other flying predators, who were driven away or to extinction by dearth of prey.

Cliff racer plumes. The unpleasant pests often carry diseases such as helljoint, and as such it is advised that hunters stock up on disease-curing potions beforehand.

Nowadays, cliff racers are a favored target of both Nords and Dunmeri hunters, and their abundant populations are kept in check by bounties and the return of dragons, who take unusual pleasure in terrorizing the girdle-tailed cliff racers. The only place they do not infest are the skies of Vvardenfell, from which they were driven off by the blades of Saint Jiub the Eradicator and permanently banished a few years before the Oblivion Crisis, mysteriously unable or unwilling to return ever since.

Molag Amur Cliff Strider


The Molag Amur cliff striders are gliding reptiles that were once common in the wild on Vvardenfell's Molag Amur region, but now survive exclusively as a domesticated species. They are well-adapted to warm, dry volcanic regions, but their hunting instincts were so severely blunted that they starve to death without caretakers providing them with easily-caught preys, preventing them from being able to compete with the wildlife of Morrowind.

Thankfully, their somber orange and sandy brown coloring, highlighted with their copper-gold sheen, makes them a favorite of reptile enthusiasts. The Molag Amur cliff strider's skittish nature and loud shrieks when started however makes them a more challenging pet than many first expect.

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