TESNC: Ash Hopper Creatures

Ash Hopper


Amber Ash Hopper


The Amber Ash Hopper lives in the Ashlands and foyadas of northern Vvardenfell, and subsists almost entirely on a diet of trama shrub, bittergreen, fire fern, scathecraw and red lichen. They are low-maintenance pets who can be fed with a mixture of fresh and dry grasses and roots, though evergreens and plants that grow from bulbs like onions and lilies are toxic to them, and they will dig their own burrows in any type of soil or digging material. For this reason and their remarkable hardiness and tolerance of many climates on Tamriel, some Dunmer who leave Morrowind choose to take their Ash Hopper along, or purchase a larva to handraise as a way to bring a piece of home with them.

Deep-Moss Ash Hopper


The Deep-Moss or Glass Ash Hopper of Vvardenfell's southern fungus forests had several close brushes with extinction, being poached for its glass-green carapace by uninformed outsiders, caught in the disasters of the Oblivion Crisis, the Red Year, and the Umbriel Flight, and then forced to adapt to a new diet and new feeding tactics in the aftermath of Red Mountain's ash eruptions. It has each time recovered through its substantial pet population, having been popular with Buoyant Armigers in the past and being now popular with those who admire Saint Vivec's art. They are also the only source of a shimmering green pigment known as Vvardenfell Green, made by crushing the Deep-Moss Ash Hopper's green carapace sections.

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