List of Failed Incarnates

The Failed Incarnates are individuals who fulfilled the identifying characteristics of the Ashlanders' Nerevarine prophecies. The Ashlanders once believed that the False Incarnates were possessed by the spirit of Indoril Nerevar, but were fated to fall, each with a critical flaw that made them fundamentally unable to fulfill the prophecies. Most tribes at the time of the Nerevarine's rise no longer believed in the prophecies of Nerevar's return, with the Urshilaku of Vvardenfell alone keeping a remnant of faith.

The Failed Incarnates' bodies were laid to rest in the sacred Cavern of the Incarnate, a holy burial cavern dedicated to and guarded by the Daedric Prince Azura. The spirits of the Failed Incarnates remain bound there, to serve as Ancestor Guardians to those who would walk the path of Nerevar. They advised and armed Nerevar Reborn, Incarnate Revaryl, when he recovered Nerevar's ring, Moon-And-Star, from the cavern.

High Ordinator Ane Teria
A drawing of Ane Teria.
Artist's rendition of Ane Teria
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Born 1st, Morning Star
circa 1E865
Sadrith Mora
Died 1E909
Northern Ashlands, Vvardenfell
Residence Mournhold, Temple District

Ane Teria

A High Ordinator who served the Temple during the golden years of the Tribunal Saints' reign. Ane Teria was born in the First Era, between the years 865 and 870, near Sadrith Mora, during the New Life Festival. She never knew her father, and joined the Temple sometime in her teenage years after her mother died.

She was inducted into the Order of Doctrine and Ordination in 884, after two years of dedication and excellence as a disciple of the Temple, devoted to her theological studies and spiritual growth. At first, she struggled with the required martial and magical training, but overcame the challenge of mace-and-spell fighting within the year. She rose through the ranks of the Order and became a prolific theological writer, whose works are still today referenced by the New Temple.

Following over a decade of spiritual, theological and literary training, Ane requested, and was granted, a transfer to the Order of War in 902, four years after her last completed work. In her request, she cited as reason a lapse in her duties as Ordinator-Librarian, and a desire to make penance for it through the harsh martial service of War Ordinator. Her request was granted, and the transfer order was issued on the 19th of Second Seed.6

After several years of faithful service to the Temple as a holy crusader, she was elevated to the elite of the Ordinators-Militant, the High Ordinators, and received their symbol of office, a genuine Dwemer mace, from Vivec. This promotion further strengthened her zeal and dedication to fight against the enemies of the Tribunal, including the Ashlanders who persisted in their worship of the Bad Daedra and those who spread Alandro-Sul's account of Nerevar's death.

Ane Teria was declared dead after a confrontation with a war-party of Urshilaku Ashlanders at a shrine to Mehrunes Dagon in the Vvardenfell Ashlands. The Tribunal Temple was tasked with destroying the Daedric shrine, and a group of disciples were deployed to carry out the Tribunal Saints' orders, protected by a group of Ordinators, including Ane Teria.

While they held their own well enough against the Daedra within the shrine, they were soon forced to withdraw, and unfortunately did so into a nearby Urshilaku war-party led by the insane heretic, Alandro-Sul. After a vicious clash, Ane Teria chose to sacrifice herself to allow her brothers and sisters in faith to withdraw back to the mainland. She was declared dead at the end of the year, despite the Temple's inability to recover her body and provide proper funeral rites.3

Many of Ane's works were deemed "apographa", since she held views that were not shared by the Tribunal Temple orthodoxy, and insisted on copying down in full the heresies in her refutations. This became a blessing in disguise in the wake of the Red Year; nearly all the documents in the Library of Vivec and Ministry of Truth were lost when Baar Dau crashed into the city of Vivec in the fifth year of the Fourth Era. More were lost still to the Argonian sacking of Almalexia soon after. The documents preserved in the Holamayan Monastery all survived, including the Apographa transferred there by dissident priests.




Ashkhan Conoon Chodala
A drawing of Chodala.
Charcoal drawing of Conoon Chodala
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Born 21st, Morning Star
Valley of the Wind
Died 2E583
Residence Vvardenfell

Conoon Chodala

An Ashlander of the Urshilaku Tribe, born in 553 of the Second Era, in the month of Morning Star, when the Urshilaku camped in the Valley of the Wind. He had a younger sister, Conoon Seryn, with whom he shared a close bond, who served as one of his advisors and helped temper his ambitions and aggressive tendencies, especially after he became the tribe's Ashkhan.

Though his involvement and that of the Ashlander tribes in general was not recognized until the decades after the Red Year in the Fourth Era, Conoon Chodala fought in the Second Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572. He was the de-facto leader of the mixed Ashlander forces who acted as skirmishers for the House Dunmer armies, and showed an uncanny martial aptitude that led to a resurgence in rumors about the Nerevarine. The participation of the Ashlanders was suppressed almost immediately by the Tribunal Temple, by direct order of the Tribunal Saints.2

As Chodala was seen as a potential Nerevarine, the Temple also fought those rumors, and began a campaign of harassment and persecution against him, leading him to pull away from Urshilaku to protect them. It is around this time that Urshilaku lost contact with him, and very little detail is given to his activities as he wandered the Ashlands of Vvardenfell, save that he allegedly rediscovered some unmarked ancient Chimer strongholds.

Had the tale of Incarnate Chodala ended here, he may have been remembered in the Ashlander history of Morrowind, rather than his story being preserved as a single defaced, rotting scroll found by chance by Essayist Malseth.2 But the bitterness of the Ashlanders' erasure in the war against the Kamal forces and exclusion from the Ebonheart Pact, combined with the religious persecution from the Tribunal Temple, twisted his ambitions into sinister acts that could well have doomed Nirn.

As part of the reformation of the New Tribunal Temple, several incident reports that had been sealed as apographa for raising questions about the power and divinity of the Tribunal Saints were made available for scholars and authorized magic academics. We know that an unnamed "Daedric cultist", originally from Urshilaku, attempted to use an artifact of Saint Sotha Sil, a staff named Sunna'rah, to drain the divine power of the Heart of Lorkhan from Saint Vivec. We also know that he was thwarted by an Oracle of Azura known as Conoon Seryn, and one of the Vestiges who allied themselves with the Ebonheart Pact, in 583.4

The damaged eulogical scroll detailing Conoon Chodala's life and deeds also references those events, but add that at the end of his life, Chodala served and was given aid by the Daedric Prince Clavicus Vile. He proclaimed he was the Nerevarine to Wise Woman Dovrosi, but Seryn contested his claim and used the spirits of three of the Failed Incarnates to refute him, hoping that this would convince him to stop his scheme and surrender the staff. He instead slew several of his kinsmer in his attempt to be acknowledged by force, before retreating to a shrine to Malacath after being branded as exile for killing Urshilaku clansmer.

Seryn and the Vestige pursued him there, and attempted to reason with him one last time unsuccessfully, and were ultimately forced to kill him. After his death, a dispute over the fate of his remains arose, as exiled Ashlanders are forbidden the usual burial rites due to spiritual corruption. It was settled when Azura, speaking through Oracle Seryn, decreed he should be entombed in the Cavern of the Incarnate, but not honored with the rites and offerings of Ancestral worship.

Idrenie Nerothan
A drawing of Idrenie.
Artist's rendition of Idrenie Nerothan
Race Dunmer Gender Female
Born Second Era
Disappeared circa 2E590
Residence Morrowind

Idrenie Nerothan

A Hidden Armiger who was born sometime in the mid-Second Era, and joined the ranks of the Tribunal Saints' order of spies and saboteurs before the Second Akaviri Invasion of 2E 572. The exact details of her early life, as well as most of her deeds during her time as a Hidden Armiger, were lost in the aftermath of Baar Dau's fall and the Red Year. What information remains was assembled from Indoril trial documents, the account of the Hist of Stormhold relayed by Treeminder Einei-Mei, and Urshilaku Ancestors' accounts.

Idrenie Nerothan was involved in the invasion of the Akaviri, where she helped demoralize the Kamal, sabotage ships, and relay intelligence. According to Stormhold's Hist, she reached out to Vicecanon Heita-Meen, and shared vital information about the Kamal and their strengths and weaknesses. After the victory against the Akaviri forces, Idrenie claimed that the Argonians' intervention had been planned by Saint Vivec as part of his Armigers' operations against the Akaviri.1

She continued to serve as one of Vivec's Hidden Armigers, but in 579 of the Second Era, she assassinated noblewoman Indoril Melithys Denaven, the mother of Councilor Ilver Denaven, and attempted to frame the Morag Tong. No one was certain as to her motivation in the moment, but a letter found in one of her safehouses during the investigation suggested that she had been hired by someone only known as "L" for that kill. Melithys' spirit was summoned as crucial witness, and she confirmed that Idrenie was the one who slit her throat, and that she attempted to break Melithys' neck as well. Due to the overwhelming evidence, Idrenie Nerothan was sentenced to death, but the Order of the Inquisition intervened and stayed her execution until she confessed the name of her patron.5

She was jailed in the Hall of Justice's Underworks, but managed to escape from the prison and vanish from even her fellow Hidden Armigers and Saint Almalexia's sight. She fled into Ashlander territory and met the Urshilaku Tribe, who agreed to give her shelter in return for her assistance recovering sacred Ashlander relics from both dangerous, long-abandoned ruins, and from House territory. Wise Woman Dovrosi believed that Idrenie had the potential to be the Nerevarine, meeting several requirements of the prophecies, and sought to test her by sending her into dangerous areas.

Ultimately, Idrenie disappeared sometime around the 590th year of the Second Era, while on a self-assigned mission to scout freshly-rediscovered High Velothi ruins. The Ancestor spirits of Urshilaku believe that she fell to her greed and her body was claimed by Azura after her death, and that she was laid to rest in the Cavern of the Incarnate by Winged Twilights as a Failed Incarnate.

Hort Ledd

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Elvil Vidron

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Julan Kaushibael

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