Nerevar Moon-And-Star

Serjo Indoril Nerevar Mora
A statue of Indoril Nerevar.
Nordic statue of Nerevar Godkiller
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Born First Era
Died 1E697
Red Mountain
1E416 - 1E700
Predecessor None
Successor Redoran Revaryl
Residence Mournhold


Captain Nerevar Mora

Due to the sponsored purge and ancestralcide of minor House Mora, only rare accounts and fragments about Nerevar's life exist, prior to the foundation of Resdayn in 416 of the First Era. The only known fact of Indoril Nerevar's birth is that he was born in Morning Star, under the starsign of the Ritual. There was much debate about Nerevar being man-blooded through his father, but without parental records or reliably accurate depictions of the mer, it remains within the realm of conjecture.
To Nakjeen — ink blotching on that House's name is normal. Caused by mythopoeic denial, harmless.1

A surviving full report to the Indoril Council, addressed to Junior Councilor Salvu, on the 26th of Sun's Dusk in 368, from Captain-by-Daring Nerevar Mora, reveals three things on Nerevar and his captaincy.2 That one, he gained his title by slaying his previous captain in a just and honorable way, that two, he was considered a merchant captain of middling rank and low importance, and that three, he was atypically well-educated and knowledgeable in the complex system of Indoril Laws and House nobility customs.

Rise of the Hortator, Indoril Nerevar

The War Of The First Council

The Battle of Red Mountain

Nerevar's Death

Official Tribunal Temple Account



Nerevar's Legacy and the Nerevarine Prophecies

The Ordinators' Golden Mask of Devotion

The earliest Ordinator masks to bear Nerevar's visage, dated circa 705 of the First Era, already depicted knife-width grooves in the exact same pattern as the highly-detailed gilt chitin High Ordinator masks circa 1520 and Gwylim First Era Council bust circa 2800, seems consistent with ashlander facial scarification rituals. It is unlikely that those marks are a revision made to depictions of Nerevar's face, given the discovery of the ashstone Ordinator masks that points to it being a significant detail. Modern academic consensus is that Nerevar was at some point inducted into an ashlander Tribe and ritually marked, but scholars disagree on which period this initiation would have taken place; pre-captaincy or mid-unification of Morrowind.

The Ashlanders' Prophecies and the Failed Incarnates

List of Failed Incarnates

The Nerevarine, Redoran Revaryl

Better known as the Nerevarine, Redoran Revaryl is a figure whose story is as mysterious as Indoril Nerevar's own, if not more. The little we know of his past, we know from the Nerevarine prophecy, as passed down from the Urshilaku ashlander tribe of Vvardenfell. He was born to unknown parents, in a province under the reign of the Septim Empire, in the month of Morning Star under the protection of the Ritual starsign.
Tribunal priesthood guesses "dragon-born" means "born in the Empire". Two other possibilities; a descendant of a dragonblooded emperor, or Dovahkiin.2

Various accounts paint an odd picture of his character; scholars and savants say that he was intellectually curious, both the Temple and the Imperial Cult claim he was devout, the common folk share tales where the Nerevarine is in turn kindhearted and ruthless, and he is likewise alleged to have been polite as well as bitingly sarcastic. It seems Revaryl eschewed the legendary stoicism and dutiful neutrality of his adoptive House in favor of a more fluid, helpful temperament. Perhaps, if House Hlaalu's fortunes had withered earlier, we would be calling him Sadras Revaryl instead.

His duty as Nerevar Reborn led him to serve all three Tribunal Saints at various points in his campaign to defeat the Sharmat. After unifying the Vvardenfell Great House Halls in Morning Star of 428, and under Saint Vivec's direction, he set out to unite the mainland Great Houses, and to be acknowledged as Hortator of Morrowind.

In Mournhold, he recovered the long-lost blade of Nerevar, Trueflame, thanks to Saint Almalexia's guiding visions. He used Nerevar's blade to defend the then-capital from an invasion of half-machine creatures, which had escaped Sotha Sil's Clockwork City.

No one can know for certain what services Saint Sotha Sil asked of him in his realm. Revaryl returned to Mournhold with a very powerful teleportation ring, able of slipping past even divine protections.

After his return from the mainland with the full title of Hortator in late Second Seed, Revaryl was gifted Wraithguard by Vivec. He used intelligence gathered by the Buoyant Armigers and Ordinators, and conquered the Sixth House citadels and their ash vampire lords, recovering Sunder and Keening. He defeated the Sharmat within Red Mountain, and destroyed the Heart of Lorkhan alongside the second Numidium, Akulakhan.

The Camonna Tong's smuggling of the Sixth House cult's ash-statues to the mainland caused quite a bit of damage, but thanks to the joint efforts of the Nerevarine and the Temple's forces, the Sharmat's waning curse was fully lifted. By the end of 428, all surviving corprus sufferers were safely quarantined in Divayth Fyr's Corprusarium, many purified egg mines had been repopulated with new queens, and Redoran Revaryl was given a honorary seat at the Great Council of Morrowind, on the 18th of Evening Star.
Hortators are historically not considered part of the Great Council; a honorary councilorship for a Hortator was only done once before, for Indoril Nerevar.3

Despite only staying in Morrowind for two years (an eyeblink in the long lives of the dunmer), from fall of 3E 327 to summer of 3E 329, Redoran Revaryl nevertheless left a profound impact. The sheer amount of stories passed down in families originating from Vvardenfell give the impression that the Nerevarine explored every inch of Red Mountain's island and left no stone unturned. Mournhold has similar stories of his involvement in a great many affairs in the city, including the discovery and extermination of a Dark Brotherhood chapter within the old capital.
The DB extermination is directly linked to Hlaalu Helseth hiring them to assassinate the Nerevarine.4

After his resignation as Hortator, at the Great Council meeting on the 18th of Sun's Height in 429, and his subsequent departure to Akavir two weeks later, most of Vvardenfell reacted to his absence in anger or sadness. Theories about Revaryl's authenticity as Nerevarine resurfaced, as did accusations that he was another pawn of the Septim Empire, like Symmachus, Barenziah and Helseth.3

New schisms formed within the Vvardenfell ashlander Tribes, between those who renounced Revaryl as Nerevarine and those who maintained his legitimacy as Nerevarine. Some blamed the Great Houses for heavily restricting the Nerevarine's political power and denying the ashlander Tribes a proper representative on the Great Council. Others specifically blamed House Hlaalu and King Helseth for continuously opposing and undermining the Nerevarine's political efforts.

Redoran Revaryl's fate is unclear. Most in Morrowind believe that he either perished in Akavir and now rests in Azura's inaccessible realm of Moonshadow, or that he has moved on to explore even more distant lands and Planes of existence, perhaps even joined by the Tribunal Saints. There are some sightings that contradict this popular belief, alleging that the Nerevarine was possibly defending southern Morrowind during the Oblivion Crisis. Other reports tentatively match Revaryl's most common description of a formidable dunmer warrior in bonemold, wielding two swords, and place him as assisting Skyrim's Imperial Legions in the Great War. Scattered accounts claim that he was seen all over Tamriel with increasing frequency ever since the events of the Stormcloak War, albeit never in Morrowind.

Perhaps the Nerevarine will come back when we least expect it, and once again shake Morrowind to its very foundations.



Also known as the Blade of Nerevar


Also known as One-Clan-Under-Moon-And-Star and the Ring of the Ancestors

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