TESNC: Daedric Cults of Dagon - Morrowind

Active Cults

Sothalite Deathseers

A group of heretics who preach that the Wizard-God Sotha Sil was the only one of the Tribunal who could thwart the God of Destruction, and that his death at the hands of his fellow Tribune Almalexia and Vivec's champion, the Nerevarine, was what truly allowed the events of the Oblivion Crisis to occur. They also claim that it is the true reason that Vivec and Almalexia were not seen during the Oblivion Crisis; without Sotha Sil to protect them from the God of Destruction, they were first to fall, right alongside the Emperor and his heirs, and without Sotha Sil to hold their God back, the Razor can only be temporarily foiled, and is fated to win in the end.

The cult of the Sothalite Deathseers is essentially a doomsday cult, and finds worshipers by preaching the inevitable conquest and destruction of Nirn at the hands of the God of Destruction, with the only possibility of redemption being to offer their veneration and consecrate their souls to the eternal torture of the Deadlands of Oblivion.

Defunct Cults

Red Wives of Dagon

An ancient sexual cult active at the very end of the Merethic and the first half of the First Era, based in the area of Stonefalls on the mainland. They sublimated complete and absolute self-destruction through pain and indulgence of vices for both its practitioners and its patrons, preaching that holy state of utter annihilation through the opposite-marriage of pleasure and pain.

The Red Wives bought children, slaves, and hostages from any and all willing sources, and trained them to become sexual specialists and fanatical worshipers of the God of Destruction.

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