TESNC: Alinor Miscellany



Aldmeri Cutlery Aldmeris This Aldmeri cutlery is finely filigreed and fit for the Queen herself.
Utensils, 100G
Altmer Travel Mug Summerset Isles A sturdy drinking cup designed to withstand the rigors of travel, made of pewter or wood, and decorated with High Elf symbols.
Drinkware, 100G
Amberware Peacock Pitcher Auridon (Calambar) Delicate ceramic pitcher in the shape of a peacock, from Culinary Imports in Skywatch.
Drinkware, 250G


"Ancient Ezduiin" Painting Auridon (Calambar) Framed painting of the site of Ezduiin, depicting it as it appeared before it was ruined in the Mallari-Mora incident.
Artwork, Wall Decor, 250G


"Ancestors" Music Box Summerset Isles An Altmeri-styled music box that, when wound, plays a tinkly "Ancestors' Waltz."
Devices, Musical Instruments, 100G
Ancient Brass Sackbut Auridon (Vafe) Antique brass trombone engraved with flowing floral motifs, said to have been found in Torinaan.
Musical Instruments, 250G


Aldmeri Dominion Banner Summerset Isles A silk banner bearing the symbol of the Aldmeri Dominion. The gold embroidery indicates its owner's prominence.
Dry Goods, Wall Decor, 250G
Aldmeri Tea Cozy Summerset Isles This tea cozy is patterned with the golden eagle of the Aldmeri Dominion.
Trifles and Ornaments, 100G
Amethyst-Studded Correspondence Bag Summerset Isles A lavishly decorated sack for carrying letters and other correspondence, it bears the symbol of the Aldmeri Dominion.
Wardrobe Accessories, 100G



Aldmeri Snuff Box Summerset Isles Made specially for Aldmeri officers of high-breeding, this snuff box is lined with gold and covered in Dominion motifs.
Trifles and Ornaments, 100G


Aldmeri Ship Model Summerset Isles A perfect scale model of one of the ships of the Aldmeri fleet.
Statues, 100G
Aldmeri War Toys Summerset Isles These tiny Aldmeri soldiers and siege engines are molded brass. They fit within a simple silk pouch.
Children's Toys, Dolls, 100G
Altmer Heritage Stacking Puzzle Summerset Isles Stacking puzzle or game in which pieces representing ancestors are stacked in pairs. Breeding mismatches result in tumbles.
Games, 250G



Aldmeri Ceremonial Saber Aldmeris A purely ornamental saber. The refined artistic design is matched only by the fragility of its construction.
Trifles and Ornaments, Wall Decor, 100G
Ancient Rilis Guard Binder Auridon (Vafe) Ancient and fragile copper buckler, originally carried by a member of the Royal Guard of Kinlord Rilis, the First of Firsthold.
Wall Decor, 250G
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