TESNC: Hammerfell Miscellany



Alik'r Spice Decanters ? A pair of Redguard containers designed to hold rare and expensive Alik'r spices.
Dishes and Cookware, Utensils, 250G
Alik'r Spice Grinder ? Imported from Alik'r, this spice grinder can be set to produce the exact level of coarseness your recipe demands.
Devices, Utensils, 250G
Alik'r Spice Jar ? A container for holding spices, crafted and sold by a friendly Redguard trader in western Rivenspire.
Dishes and Cookware, Utensils, 250G
Alik'ri Glassware Alik'r Desert A pair of wine glasses made from the finest desert crystal.
Drinkware, 100G


Ancient Map of Evermore Bangkorai This antique map shows how the city was arranged when it was first built centuries ago.
Maps, 250G


Albatross Feather Pen ? A popular writing implement, especially among Redguard sailors.
Scrivener Supplies, 100G


Alik'r Bath Rug Sentinel A fine bath rug, imported from a small boutique in Sentinel. It features an attractive yet simple Redguard design.
Dry Goods, Furnishings, 250G



Alik'r Royal Comb ? This is one of Duchess Lakana's precious grooming implements.
Grooming Items, 250G
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