TESNC: Cyrodiil Miscellany




Akatosh Meditation Beads Gold Coast Made from finely carved soapstone, these beads have symbols of Akatosh painted upon them.
Ritual Objects, 250G
Alabaster Dibella Statuette Gold Coast Alabaster statuette of the goddess Dibella emerging from her bath, inscribed 'House of Dibella, Anvil.'
Ritual Objects, Statues, 250G



Ancestor Moth Pupa Ancestor Moth Cult A green-hued casing from the molt of a rare Ancestor Moth. It smells ever so faintly of fresh grass and clean water.
Oddities, Ritual Objects, Trifles and Ornaments, 1500G


Akatosh Chanter's New Life Stole Gold Coast Ceremonial silk and satin stole with embroidered hourglasses, as worn by Akatosh Chanters during the New Life Festival.
Ritual Objects, Wardrobe Accessories, 250G



Ancient Ayleid Insect Eliminator Ayleid Small blue glowing crystal set in a metallic floral mount; magically slays intruding insects with tiny lightning bolts.
Magic Curiosities, 250G
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