TESNC: Miscellaneous Clutter



Ancient Map of Unknown Land ? This antique map clearly shows a land currently unknown by modern cartographers and explorers.
Maps, 100G


Amber Torchbug Charm ? A marble of polished amber containing a torchfly. The trapped insect still emits a faint glow in pitch darkness.
Oddities, Tools, 250G
Amber-Encased Torchbug ? This unfortunate torchbug was caught in a flood of sap a long time ago. Polished to a shine, it is now an amber paperweight.
Scrivener Supplies, Trifles and Ornaments, 100G



Adjustable Handcuffs ? These useful handcuffs are magically enhanced to shrink or grow to the size of a captive's wrist.
Tools, 250G

Sexy Things

"Amorous Giantess" Royal Ensemble ? Set of bedroom stilts and large furry mittens for enacting the erotic charade "The King and the Amorous Giantess."
Tools, Wardrobe Accessories, 250G



All Flags Navy Campaign Ribbon ? Rare vintage officer's campaign ribbon for participation in the naval assault on Thras in 1E 2260.
Oddities, Trifles and Ornaments, 250G
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