TESNC: Brewing Ingredients

Ingredients by Category

Hard Alcohol

Beverages with a high alcohol content that does not fit into any other category of hard spirits.
Wormwood Leaf ? Cyrodiil makes absinthe, is bitter and anise-flavored, used to flavor many spirits, wines, meads, and tea, can also be used instead of hops to make beer. grows sporadically in the Jerall Mountains of Cyrodiil.

Light Alcohol

Beverages with a light to moderate alcohol content, made by fermentation and yeast.
Dragon's Tongue Argonia, Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Skyrim It grows in scattered places in the Blackwood regions of Elsweyr and Argonia, and in large quantities in Cyrodiil's West Weald region.
Nightshade ? Skyrim x


Leaf Teas
A category of teas made from leaves.
Gortea Leaf ?? Morrowind The leaf of the gorapple tree, which grows in the Deshaan plains of central Morrowind and is easily recognized by its white-pink blossoms and the vibrant red color it gains from late fall to the end of winter. While the leaf changes colors between seasons, it can be used to brew tea whether it is green or red, though the red gortea leaf has a more bitter flavor, and dyes the water of the tea a vivid scarlet.
Mourning Tea (Gortea Leaf, Honey)
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