Towns of Johto

New Bark Town

Cherrygrove City

Violet Town

  • Pokemon School — Small pokemon school founded by Earl Dervish. teaches basics to Pokemon lovers, and provides pupils with pokeballs and/or an easy starter pokemon of their choice.
  • Sprout Tower — A tower built around the stem of a giant, ancient Bellsprout. The Bellsprout has long since passed on, but its stem remained and continues to wiggle and balance, allowing Sprout Tower to stand even in earthquakes or with strong battles occurring inside. Monks training Bellsprouts are rife in there (along with the stray Hoothoot or two).
  • Violet Gym — Falkner's gym.

Azalea Town

Goldenrod City

  • Pokémon Communication Center — plays role of the GTS as well as being Goldenrod's pokemon center.
  • Radio Tower — Houses all radio programs in Johto and broadcasts them. Shows often recorded live (as is the case of Buena's Password).

National Park

  • National Park — the park proper. Bug-Catching Contest is held there, uses Sport Balls.
  • Pokéathlon Dome — west of National Park, but connected to it.

Ecruteak City

  • Dance Theater — where the Kimono Girls with Eevee's five evolutions (as of Gen II) dance and train.
  • Bell Tower — linked to Ecruteak by Bellchime Trail. Ho-oh perched on its roof until the other tower (Burned Tower) burnt down and it had to resurrect three pokemon. can only be recalled to tower by worthy trainer ringing the Clear Bell as Kimono Girls dance w/ crystal bells (causes bells hung to tower to chime as well, and Ho-oh to roost down and judge trainer). once known as Tin Tower (it had silvery tin panels).
  • Burned Tower — where Raikou, Entei, Suicune slumber in, still as statues, until a brave trainer awakens them. struck by lightning bolt, engulfed in blaze, put out by sudden downpour. three nameless Pokemon died in the fire, ho-oh flew above burned Brass Tower (it had golden brass panels) and revived them. pokemon absorbed one element of their cause of death each and became legendary beasts.

Olivine City

  • Glitter Lighthouse — lights the way to and from port of Olivine. Ampharos nicknamed Amphy lights it. Jasmine cares for the Ampharos. Top room of the lighthouse has a table, chair, trash can and bed for Amphy to live comfortably in…? (electric-types can cook their own food.)

Battle Tower Access

Cianwood City

Safari Zone Gate

Mahogany Town

Lake of Rage

Blackthorn City

White City

  • Earl's Pokémon Academy — Famous pokemon academy in Johto. Large and diversified, considered the greatest pokemon training school of the regions, constantly updating its library and tests to stay on top of the current pokemon knowledge. noticeable for only using pokemon whose families are included in the Johto Dex for tests and training despite having documentation on every region and pokemon recorded so far. Earl Dervish, director and teacher, stays in close contact with the Pokemon Professors to always know when to update his curiculum.
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