Kanto Pokémon Starters
Prof. Oak, having been a successful Pokemon trainer in his youth and now researching relationships between humans and Pokemon, has several young, tame and already trained Pokemon, perfect as starters for new trainers, though they will still require some minimal effort on the trainer's part to trust him or her. In the event a beginning trainer is unable to travel to Pallet Town, they can also head to the nearest Pokemon Center and receive a starter from the local Nurse Joy or Officer Jenny.

Other easy to raise Pokemon, such as Eevee or Growlithe, can also be obtained at the trainer's personal request. Starter Pokemon may also be given to more experienced trainers at Professor Oak's request.

Some trainers may also receive their first Pokemon from a friend, a relative, or capture one with their own methods, but such methods are not endorsed by the International Pokemon League, as the well-being of the Pokemon and its colony cannot be assured or verified, nor can it be verified the Pokemon was obtained legally and not poached or stolen.

Bulbasaur Charmander Squirtle
It's very easy to raise.
You should raise it patiently.
It's one worth raising.
These Pokémon, native to Kanto, are only found as wild colonies on Pokémon Island, but a human-raised mixed colony can be observed in the Viridian Forest Pokémon Reserve. With the effort of overseas Pokémon Rangers, however, small artificial colonies have been established in the Fiore, Almia and Oblivia regions.
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