Multiform Pokémon

Additional forms

Additional forms change the appearance of a Pokémon, and may change their attacks. Unown even have their own official Pokédex addition to document all their different forms. Additionally, although not included in this list, two Spinda never look alike, their various spots making them as unique as snowflakes, each Smeargle has subtle differences in the color of their painting fluid, some regions have Pokémon with obvious pattern differences, and special "Vending Machine" Pokémon have been bred to have different attacks and appearances.

Deoxys Attack Forme Deoxys Defense Forme Deoxys Speed Forme Opened Cherrim East Sea Shellos East Sea Gastrodon
South Sea Shellos South Sea Gastrodon Giratina Origin Forme Spiky-eared Pichu Orange Islands Lapras caterorange.png
metaporange.png Orange Islands Butterfree oddishorange.png gloomorange.png Orange Islands Vileplume bellosorange.png
shuckleorange.png rattaorange.png Orange Islands Raticate Pinkan Island Mankey Pinkan Island Primeape venonapink.png
venomopink.png caterpink.png metapink.png butterpink.png paraspink.png parasepink.png
Pinkan Island Nidoran♂ Pinkan Island Nidorino Pinkan Island Nidoking Pinkan Island Nidoran♀ Pinkan Island Nidorina Pinkan Island Nidoqueen
rhyhopink.png rhydonpink.png rhyperpink.png weedleorange.png kakunorange.png Orange Islands Beedrill
Orange Islands Clamperl huntorange.png goreorange.png twileisun.png Summer Deerling Summer Sawsbuck
Autumn Deerling Autumn Sawsbuck Winter Deerling Winter Sawsbuck Blue-striped Basculin Orange Islands Heracross
venonorange.png Orange Islands Venomoth oddipink.png gloompink.png vilepink.png bellopink.png
Pinkan Island Pidgey Pinkan Island Pidgeotto Pinkan Island Pidgeot bellspink.png weepink.png victreepink.png
rattatpink.png raticpink.png digletpink.png dugtriopink.png doduopink.png dodriopink.png
elekidpink.png electabpink.png electipink.png exeggcupink.png exeggutpink.png pudgypidgey.png
chikorange.png baylorange.png meganorange.png wildvapo.png

Retyped forms

Retyped forms change the appearance and typing of a Pokémon, and may change their attacks. Arceus' golden array and hooves and Genesect's cannon have also both been known to change colors to indicate their multiple types, but are excluded from this list (and have their own list below instead).

Castform Sun Forme Castform Rain Forme Castform Hail Forme castsand.png castmist.png castshad.png
Sand Cloak Burmy Trash Cloak Burmy burmseaweed.png Sand Cloak Wormadam Trash Cloak Wormadam wormaseaweed.png
Heat Rotom Wash Rotom Frost Rotom Fan Rotom Mow Rotom rotomriff.png
Shaymin Sky Forme pikafly.png Surfing Pikachu pikadig.png snorlasnow.png trikukifight.png
trikukifire.png trikukigrass.png trikukiice.png trikukighost.png trikukisteel.png trikukiunk.png
Meloetta Pirouette Forme Zen Mode Darmanitan

Coloration changes

Pokemon who only change colors, and not appearances, but do change types and/or have a signature move that changes types relating to their colors.

Fighting-type Arceus Flying-type Arceus Poison-type Arceus Ground-type Arceus Rock-type Arceus Bug-type Arceus
Ghost-type Arceus Fire-type Arceus Water-type Arceus Grass-type Arceus Electric-type Arceus Psychic-type Arceus
Ice-type Arceus Dragon-type Arceus Steel-type Arceus Dark-type Arceus Glitch-type Arceus genesectshock.png
genesectburn.png genesectchill.png genesectdouse.png

Alternative shiny colorations

Not to confuse with regional differences or coloration changes, these are rare shiny Pokemon who do not have the color of either their normal or standard shiny counterparts. Alternate shiny Pokemon are exceedingly rare and indeed, are only being discovered. All that is known is that not every Pokemon seems to have the genes needed for this coloration, and even evolution seems to randomly trigger or suppress the alternate coloration.

Alternate Shiny Seviper Alternate Shiny Nidoqueen Alternate Shiny Quagsire
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