Glitch Pokémon


Dangerous Pokémon that might have once been related to Porygon, but have escaped into the wilderness. Their numbers are extremely limited, both due to their often subpart abilities, and the fact that most glitch Pokémon are unable to reproduce. Some glitch Pokémon enjoy a life as protected and cared-for tourist draws, and have been reported as very friendly toward humans and normal Pokémon alike. Their strange nature as data-corrupting entities have deterred most Pokémon researchers and trainers from capturing them, and people from allowing them to settle within range of electronic equipment or Porygon-holding facilities.

MissingNo Ghost MissingNo Kabutops Fossil MissingNo Aerodactyl Fossil MissingNo
'M Decamark


A glitch Pokémon variety that is much tamer than its pure glitch relative, they don't cause any electronic distortions or abnormalities. They are often the result of a breeding involving a glitch Pokémon and a normal Pokémon, and appear to be physically and ability-wise a mutated version of the normal parent's evolutionary line. Other hybrids can be created when a Ditto is involved with the glitch Pokémon, and yields a hybrid of more than one normal species of Pokémon with abnormal abilities and features of all normal Pokémon involved.

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