DNA Pokémon

Rare Clones

Some Pokémon are extremely rare, and Breaking Band makes a tidy sum out of selling flawed, genderless clones of them, passing their strange markings off as "designer" patterns. Some very popular "designer" Pokémon have been starter Pokémon, which are protected by the law, near extinct Pokémon, and Eevee variants that can only evolve into one of their possible evolutions.

Bulbasaur clone Squirtle clone Charmander clone Chikorita clone Cyndaquil clone Totodile clone
Ivysaur clone Wartortle clone Charmeleon clone Bayleef clone Quilava clone Croconaw clone
Venusaur clone Blastoise clone Charizard clone Meganium clone Typhlosion clone Feraligatr clone
Treecko clone Torchic clone Mudkip clone Turtwig clone Chimchar clone Piplup clone
Grovyle clone Combusken clone Marshtomp clone Grotle clone Monferno clone Prinplup clone
Sceptile clone Blaziken clone Swampert clone Torterra clone Infernape clone Empoleon clone
Snivy clone Tepig clone Oshawott clone
Servine clone Pignite clone Dewott clone
Serperior clone Emboar clone Samurott clone
Vaporeon Eevee Jolteon Eevee Flareon Eevee Espeon Eevee Umbreon Eevee
Leafeon Eevee Glaceon Eevee sylveon Eevee Wyrmeon Eevee

Special Orders

Breaking Band also uses the popular "Natura Breeding Center" as a company front, in order to raise funds to finance their "Tame Legendaries" project further. The draw behind "Natura Breeding Center" is that it promises 100% natural mating between Pokémon species, which is claimed to cause live premature births of fully-evolved Pokémon that grow like mammals instead of going through evolution stages. The "Natura Breeding Center" also allows unique new Pokémon species to be born.

In truth, what buyers receive are clone fetuses (DNA splices or "pure", depending on the order placed) in one-use, disposable egg-shaped growth capsules. This explains how Pokemon are claimed to be able to breed outside of their documented "egg groups".

Gritto Mightsol Glaporeon Farfodd Snorong lickriketung.png
Misvee Mismageon Tentamite

PikaSeries Pokémon

A series of Pokémon made for Breaking Band's profit, in which Pokémon are merged with just enough Pikachu DNA to cause the Pikachu's distinctive coloring to form on the new Pokémon. Pokémon with three evolution stages have proven to be the most successful at retaining the Pikachu's distinctive colors.

pikadratini.png pikahorsea.png pikacleffa.png
pikadragonair.png pikaseadra.png pikaclefairy.png
pikadragonite.png pikakingdra.png pikaclefable.png


Genetic experiments in order to further Breaking Band's cloning and splicing technology and understanding. While most of the subjects are failures at their purposes, they bring important new data with them and so, are kept by the scientists.

Tinibas Milodraco Trineon Scyzhor

Tame Legendaries

A project that splices Legendary Pokémon genes to those of Pokemon that were bred by humans for loyalty and guardianship. Until evolution, their legendary genes remain dormant, allowing Breaking Band to pass them off as normal pre-evolved forms and giving them the same training as any other Pokémon in an effort to keep control over these pseudo-legendaries.

artidgeot.png zapraptor.png moltezant.png Arcanine Entei Houndoom Suicune Mightyena Raikou


One particularly sick DNA altering subset of Breaking Band has begun merging Pokémon and humans together, to the horror of the people discovering them. They are feral creatures, and very often put both Pokémon and humans on edge with their very presence. Very few cases of a Pokémorph understanding or learning human language are currently known.

It should be noted that there are naturally-occurring "true" Pokémorphs, which look like Pokémon but retain their human intelligence and psyche. The first recorded case of a true Pokémorph was a psychic boy who turned into a Kadabra overnight.

Buneary morph Lopunny morph Ponyta morph Rapidash morph Feebas morph Milotic morph
Torchic morph Combusken morph Blaziken morph Mareep morph Flaafy morph Ampharos morph
Caterpie morph Metapod morph Butterfree morph Snorunt morph Glalie morph Froslass morph
Rotom morph Spinda morph


Some of Breaking Band's attempts at cloning or fusing Pokémon were… Questionably successful. These Pokémon are often highly unstable, and can even be dangerous to the trainer.

Zapmolcuno, legendary birds fusion Spirit trio fusion Ghost fusion Audimega, multitype fusion Sevizan, infighting fusion Accidental fusion
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