Towns of Nuedo

Misty Lake Town

  • Prof. Chrissie Thistle's lab — starter Pokemon available there: Chinchile, Trelpie.
  • Player's hometown.

Freshgale Village

  • Galehill Shrine — holds Union Festival yearly, give out Ralts eggs.

Waterspout Harbor

  • Waterfall Shrine — Part of an order of monks who train Slowpoke's family and meditate to the sounds of water, honing psychic skills as they augment their endurance. Also known as the Waterspout Gym. Monks dress like bhuddist tibetan monks, but in shades of royal blue and smoke grey.

Graupel City

  • Natura Breeding Center — Breaking Band's "Pokemon breeding center" cover. Sells "designer" (bad clones) rare Pokemon, "stable" (locked to 1 evo @ lvl 18) Eevee, "natural crossbreeds" (DNA splices) of 2 Pokemon.

Pokémon Boneyard

  • Marowak Tower — Tower made from Marowak and Cubone bones, ash-laced mud and clay. Erected in center of pokemon ossuary. Like Amity Square, but only for pokemon with respect/connection to/with dead (respectful, intelligent, Cubone family, Yamask family). Tower opens only w/ Ghost Marowak from Lavender Radio Tower basement in party, enables understanding the dwelling bonekeeper Pokemon's stories.




Firestorm City

  • Monkey Temple — Home of the city leader, Ape King, an Infernape who learned human speech and behaviors, who is also the guardian of Firestorm City and the Gym Leader. Also is the place where Ape King's birthday is celebrated on the 8th of August, with coal-walking and fire-breathing, and where the town's crop of golden pecha berries is consumed by the villagers and surrounding Pokemon alike.
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