Held Items
Name Price Effect
endless-grain.png Endless Grain PokemonDollar.png100 Evolves female Mawile.
Restores 1/8 HP when held by a Pokémon on the end of the turn.
everstone.png Everstone PokemonDollar.png200 Prevents holding Pokémon from evolving.
50% chance offspring inherits holding Pokémon's nature if non-foreign.
20% chance offspring inherits holding unique Pokémon's appearance if breeding with counterpart or Ditto.
An item to be held by a Pokémon. The Pokémon holding this peculiar stone is prevented from evolving.
thunder-wool.png Thunder Wool PokemonDollar.png6500 Evolves Flaaffy.
30% chance to inflict paralysis on contact with foes.
truffle-spore.png Truffle Spore PokemonDollar.png500 Evolves Paras.
Restores 1/8 HP if held by a Pokémon on the turn it is underground.
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