Pokémon ClearGlass - Notes on ClearGlass Version

Image format notes

  • Vs sprites are 96x64
  • Trainer and pokemon sprites are 80x80

Personal Pokemon Notes

  • All three Kamaitachi learn these moves: Razor Wind, Omnious Wind, Icy Wind, Air Slash, Night Slash, Slash.
  • Get two catterpillar-type Pokemon with three evolutions, one of them ending in Bug/Flying, one in Bug/Poison.
  • Add a Normal/Bird Pokemon that has three evos like Pidgey/Pidgeotto/Pidgeot/Starly/Staravia/Staraptor.
  • Add a Normal two-evos Pokemon like Rattata/Sentret/Zigzagoon/Bidoof that's a mammal and can be an HM Slave.
  • Add a two-evos double-typed Water Pokemon that's modelled after a freshwater creature.
  • "Pokegod" evos for Nidos.
  • Astralec (Astraphobia (fear of lightning) + Electron) is Electrode evo.
  • Dolloa (Doll + Loa (voodoo god pantheon)) is alt Shuppet evo.
  • Attlantice (Atlantis (corruption) + ice) is Lapras evo.
  • Stellareon (Stellar + Eon) is Eevee moon stone evo.

Particular Pokemon

  • #A01 to #A03: Name thorntail cat starter (Kithorn) and evos. (Done: Felickle, Cougeris)
  • #A04 to #A06: Chinchile is a Fire-type starter. Pagrouka is 2nd evo, Capsicara is 3rd evo.
  • #A07 to #A09: Trelpie is a Water-type starter. Canten is 2nd evo, Gallir is 3rd evo.
  • #A14: Squayel is a Dark/Ground Pokemon that learns a variety of moves effective against insects. It doesn't evolve.
  • #A27: Wyrmeon is a Dragon-type Eeveelution. It evolves by levelling up on Dragon Spire, near the Dragon Rock.
  • #A28: Eclipseon is psy/dark, blend of Espeon and Umbreon, happens if Eevee evolves by happiness during an eclipse (type determines primary typing — lunar is dark/psychic, solar is psychic/dark).
  • #A29 to #A30: Marashi is a Dark-type Pokemon. Yakiaveli is 2nd evo.
  • #A42: Parachni is a Bug/Ground-type evolution of Paras, at level 24, if Truffle Spore is held.
  • #A49: Mandisnare is a Steel-type evolution of female Mawile, traded if Endless Grain is held. It now has its head jaw hidden in its hairlike black tendrils, and has a grotesque, sharp-toothed ear-to-ear grin on its face.
  • #A53: Trikuki is a normal raccoon dog Pokemon. Changes secondary type depending on the held item.
  • #A81: Qwillion is a Water/Poison evo of Qwilfish. It evolves by levelling up with full happiness, holding Toxic Orb.
  • #A97: Sheeparos is electric, alter-evo of Flaafy if traded holding Thunder Wool. It guides other pokemon at night and often works in teams with Herdier to round up cattle. The Shepherd Pokemon.
  • #B02: Equado is last of the Plusle/Minun cheering trio. Lavender, shiny maroon, has Plus or Minus as abilities. Naturally, equal signs and tail.
  • #B13: Mewtri is a second Mew clone. Closer to original Mew, human DNA integrated, female aspects, Arceus-like aspects like Mewtwo has some Deoxys aspects.
  • #B14: Ribon is a psychic/poison Pokemon. Semi pre-evo to Deoxys the same way Phione is semi-pre-evo to Manaphy.
  • #B15: Twilei is a Fire/Dark-types main legendary, feared and revered because, whenever it sees its reflection, it goes into a rage. It was so vain that it stole the sun so it was the only brilliance in the sky, but Arceus recovered it and forced Twilei to carry the sun around the universe until the end of time.

Pokemon to Make


Dark (4/5)
ninja dark/ghost, aiye-aiye lemur (learns moves strong against insect-types), dhol (paintbrush-tailed dog), Marashi ("machi yakko" + "rash", dark, wears kimono-like outfit), Yakiaveli ("yakuza" + "machiavellian", Marashi evo, dark, wears suit-like outfit), baby raven chick (Murkrow pre-evo)
Dragon (3/5)
dragon eeveelution (wyrmeon evolves like leafeon and glaceon), tailless dragon (growth on sides of jaw, forehead, shoulders, forearms, shins, chest), tailless dragon evo (plates on forehead, front of legs, back of hands and top of arms, chest, spike-bulges on shoulders, sides of jaws, knees, protoceratops-like helmet), tailless dragon evo2 (spikes on shoulders, knees, taserlike spikes on side of jaw and tail, hexaceratops-like helmet, dragon/electric), treasure chest/dragon (defense oriented chest-shelled dragon, dragon/steel), anticlimax dragon pseudolegend (dodongo-like larva with wing nubs, dragon), anticlimax dragon pseudolegend evo (bulky, large steracosaurus neck spikes, large folded wings, crack on belly, dragon/fire), anticlimax dragon pseudolegend evo2 (dragon/fighting, small crono cross-type fire dragon with skeleton-like wingcape, biped)
Electric (3/5)
harpie electric/flying, anteater (has beam whip-like electric tongue, xmas light tail-end), Raichu trade evo (heavier, rock-plated, ground lines on ears, Electric/Ground), Equado (last of the Plusle and Minun trio, "Equal" + "kiddo"), Sheeparos (Flaafy alt evo, evolve holding Thunder Wool, fluffy coat expands, black marks spread out further), Astralec (Electrode evo, evolve knowing Wild Charge when levelled up in high-electromagnetic areas (like Magneton & Nosepass))
Fire (5/5)
weasel fire/flying (legendary trio), centaur fire/ground, Coalchila (chinchila, fire starter), 1 tail fox kit (Vulpix pre-evo), Twilei (fire/dark, Okami Amaterasu/Midna&Link big legendary Twilei, with Slifer Sky Dragon-like heads), horned toad (Fire/Water), red panda/raccoon dog (fire/dark)
Fighting (2/5)
vampire, vampire evo (demon wings, giant hook claws, fighting/flying), Machick (female Machoke alter-evo), Macheer (Machick trade evo, Machamp cheerleader/fighter counterpart), Hitmonson (Tyrogue Evo when traded with Lucky Punch), fight/grass (SSJ-like take on roselia/roserade, 75% female, capoeira-based fighting, no evos, female has SSJ flowerhair, male has Lilty sprouthair)
Flying (4/5)
turkey/peacock (flying/normal, female bland, male colorful, lays eggs and holds Little Egg and Brown Egg items), vulture (flying/ghost), bird of paradise (pure flying, LEGLESS, can't learn roost, can learn Recover), fairy (Navi-style, flying/electric),
Ghost (2/5)
metal noh mask (ghost/steel), noh mask evo (kabuki actor, ghost/steel), cute magatama-tailed fox cub, magatama fox evo (ghost/fire, magatama ears, tail becomes will o wisp), Dolloa (ghost/dark, Shuppet female alt trade evo w/ cursed pin)
Grass (4/5)
weasel grass/flying (legendary trio), Kithorn (thorntailed cat, grass starter), bamboo snake (grass/ground), bamboo snake evo (bamboo rocket, grass/fire), maned wolf (very long legs), maned wolf evo (aardwolf-like grass mane and tail, keeps long legs)
Ground (2/5)
eyeless golden mole (has anti-acc reduce ability, ground/dark), eyeless gold mole evo (six legs, spikier, ground/dark), sandslash moss stone evo (ground/grass tree pangolin), sandfish (sand lizard, ground/water, mud sport)
Ice (3/5)
mermaid ice/water, st hubert's dog/shar-pei, russian dwarf (Ruski? ice/fighting)
Insect (5/5)
jumping spider bug/ice, slug, slug evo (snail, doubles with dark) bee larva (bred from Beedrill/Vespiquen), bee cocoon (bee larva evo), bee/wasp (bee cocoon evo, learns signature moves of Beedrill/Vespiquen if female, none if male), scorpion/ray (insect/water, pun on the U.S.S. Scorpion, learns stinging attacks), Parachni Paras evo (bug/ground, similar moveset as Parasect, addition of ground-type attack, evolves when Paras holds Truffle Spore when it evolves to Parasect), alt Caterpie evo when it evolves holding Snake Tooth (odd Metapod, bug/poison), Caterpie evo to snake-caterpillar (bug/poison), silkworm (bug), silkworm evo (cocoon evo, looks a bit like a mummy), silkworm moth (luna moth, silkworm final form, bug/electric, glow-in-the-dark like a firefly)
Normal (7/5)
goat/ram, Stellareon (normal Eeveelution with Moon Stone), kangaroo/raptor dino (normal/rock), great panda evo to Spinda, jumping hare (learns Bounce), Stantler moose evo (via trade with Big Pearl/Pearl, normal/water), gold cat (with hive-shaped tailtip and bee-like appearance, trickster Pokemon), Kangaskhan pre-evo (the pouch kid), alt Kangaskhid male evo (Kangaskhan w/o pouch, w/ overbite, thinner, longer tail), Girafarig evo (via @ grassland areas two-headed antelope), Morioma (shinto protection charm, normal/psychic, one eye, learns defense moves & ability is Super Luck), calico kitty, calico kitty evo (evolves happiness w/ destiny knot held, calico cat w/ yarn ball tail), Trikuki tanuki (doubles secondary type depending on held item)
Poison (2/5)
crystal ribbon/snake (fairy legendary, poison/rock, roaming PKMN once its chamber is opened), vial homonculus (grimgrimoire homonculus, poison/psychic, bright yellow goop-body coming out of jar, learns electric attacks), Arbok evo w/ Rollout/ice ball in moveset (Ouroboros snake), Nidoror (Nidoking evo w/ Mist Stone, Poison/Glitch, Nido+emperor), Nidoress (Nidoqueen evo w/ mist stone, Poison/Glitch, Nido+Empress)
Psychic (6/5)
Dharma (has one eye and one white spot), Dharma evo (Dharma/Matryoshka, has two eyes now and a white spot on forehead), Ribon (Deoxys semi pre-evo, bred with Ditto w/ Space Dust), angel (psychic/flying, genderless), split pokemon (psychic/dark, two halves of pkmn, armored dark, frilly psychic), split evo (ninjask-type, pure psychic, all frilly), split evo (shedinja-type, pure dark, all armored), siamese cat twins (joined by tail), siamese cat evo (sleipnir-style multilegged, four-eyed, two-tailed cat, twins inevitably became one), Mewtri (Mew clone, looks female, more mew than Mewtwo, greyish pink)
Rock (3/5)
unhatched egg fossil (with one eye peeking out, learns fly-type moves and Roost), unhatched egg evo (terrorbird-like rock/flying), Armadillo (rock/ground), ghost paralosopus fossil skeleton (ghost/rock), ghost fossil skeleton evo (ghost/rock)
Steel (1/5)
mercury ditto (steel/poison), Mandisnare ( Mawile evo, "mandible" + "snare", looks like dark burial kimono-wearing long-haired Gardevoir), mirror-face/no-face (pure steel, learns all "copy" moves & some scary/defense)
Water (6/5)
dolphin water/psychic, lion fish evo to Quilfish, weasel water/flying (legendary trio), Shelder evo (evolve with Slowpoketail held, water/ice), Trelpie (kelpie/horse/seahorse, water starter), Canten (kelpie/horse, Trelpie evo), Gallir (kelpie/horse, Trelpie/Canten evo, water/dark), runtfish (little goldfish/Axl), runtfish evo (squidmaid/Red), Fastitocalon-F (ittybitty fish with dorsal fin, orca colors), Fastitocalon (long sharksnake with same fin as F-F, orca-like), blue vicious Magikarp prehistoric evo (evolve knowing ancientpower via Mystery Machine 1, water/dark), gentle Gyarados-counterpart Magikarp evo (evolve knowing Return at max happiness, looks more koi/serpent-like), Attlantice (Lapras trade evo holding Legend Stone, water/steel)

Pokemon to Modify

  • Shadow (purple aura for normals, redone dark/purple sprites for uniques):
  • Light (golden aura for normals, redone light/gold/white sprites for uniques): LB-Ho-Oh
  • Alternate (depends): orange islands variations (Lapras), pinkan island variations (Nido family lines, rhyhorn evo family, onix/steelix, venonat/venomoth, caterpie evo family, weedle evo family), starter clones (third gen, 4th gen, pikachu line), different-colored Smeargles (primary colors & secondary colors, normal & shiny variants)
  • Vending Machine Pokemon: Ooyama's Pikachu (Intro Slap & Fake Rest at start), Gift Pikachu (B-Day Gift & Pika Punch at start), Ancient Mew (Arcane Psy at start, Tele-Burst instead of Teleport in moveset), Movie Meowth (Normal/Dark type, Cat Kick and Tattle (like the Paper Mario ability) at start, Beat Up instead of Pay Day in moveset), Rocket Snorlax (Normal/Dark type, Vile Scratch at start, Rampage instead of Rest in moveset), G-Absol (Evil Eye instead of Future Sight, Faint Attack instead of Quick Attack in moveset).
  • Others (various, specify each): pseudolegendary bird/fairy/weather/regi (genetic splices), Sparky (Richie's Pikachu), Ash (Pikachu Forme!), New Burmy/Wormadam form (underwater w/ seaweed and shells)

General Pokemon Notes

  • A Pikachu is gained from the Rival halfway through story if Pokemon on top has Happiness higher than 120. It knows Extremespeed.
  • Geodude/Zubat/Abra/Machop/Psyduck/Goldeen/Tentacool/Magicarp evo lines are all native.
  • Add Shadow Pokemon and Shadow-exclusive Shadow moves. Shadow Pokemon are not affected by evolution items and Rare Candies, and they gain no experience. They are also nontradeable.
  • Add Flying Pikachu (double to Flying) and Surfing Pikachu (double to Water) as two special trades, against Farfetch'd and Relicanth respectively.
  • Prepare for 4 'natural' Pokemon of every type in the wild in new region, minimum.
  • Change ALLCAPS Pokemon to properly capitalized Pokemon.
  • Change Hidden Power and Secret Power moves both to ??? type.
  • Keep Pokemon placed in boxes from needing to have their Ball Capsules taken off beforehand.
  • Zangoose and Seviper now produce automatic "seem to hate each other" in daycare. No exception.
  • Male Wynauts holding a Lipstick item will get the female appearance.
  • Encountering and fleeing from a Primeape results in their encounter rate being upped to 80%. They do try to catch you again!
  • Nidorina breeds with the male Nido family only, having the "Nidoran" egg group along with the rest of the Nidos.
  • Showcase rare legendary eggs. Imply there are more than one of non-unnatural Legendaries.
  • Transfer Ralts' evo line so it goes in Humanshape egg group, AND Indeterminate.
  • Change Nidoqueen's shiny form to match the vice-versa going on between the two lines of Nidoran's evos.
  • Change Arceus' entry to mention he SACRIFICED his thousand arms to make the universe so wankers won't whine about it not learning a single Punch move.
  • Make Cubone a Pokemon Graveyard exclusive capture. Add helmetless Cubone sprites for hatching a Cubone egg without a Skull Helmet item in bag.
  • Change Dodrio so it CAN'T learn Fly and Roost, but learns Bounce.
  • Change Pichu so it can't learn Charge.
  • Change Nidoking so he learns Bind and Constrict.
  • Nidoqueen is a special breeding case: she now has the Ground/Nidoran egg groups, but only makes eggs holding the Fertile Incense, and produces Baby Nidoqueens exclusively.
  • Porygon's line and the Glitch Pokemon all use the all-new "Data" egg group. Porygon's line keeps the Mineral egg group, and the Decamark only has the No Egg egg group.

General Item Notes

  • Include new Surfboard, which is to be obtained in the Pokemon Fan Club after you first use Surf outside of battle. Surfboard can allow a trainer to Surf without a pokemon that knows the ability.
  • Bring back Item Storage for a PC.
  • Combine the VS Seeker and the Trainer Info rematches for both asking rematches and being asked for rematches. And allow the use of the VS Seeker inside caves and buildings.
  • Able to buy Lemonade, Honey, etc., in bulk.
  • Bring back the call system for Trainers with the Phone and Pokegear.
  • The Sickle item can be obtained by a gardening shop after you first use Cut outside of battle. Sickle can allow a trainer to Cut down saplings and berry trees without a Pokemon that knows the ability.
  • Allow PokeRadar to function on water. (water ripples indicator)
  • Checkpoint paths allow bicycles to travel through, while all parks disallow use of vehicles (including surfboards).
  • Add a Lipstick item so male Wynauts that evolve holding it get the female appearance.
  • Add the Sun and Moon Shards from XD.
  • Add a Forest and Glacier Shards for Leafeon and Glaceon.
  • Restore the first gen's possibility of "You missed the Pokemon!" messages on a pokeball throw on a legendary.
  • Change the double battle capture dynamics so balls have lowered catch rates, and missed throws read as "???'s partner parried the throw!"
  • Add a Truffle Spore held item so that Paras can evolve into Parachni if he reaches evolution level, and lessens ground damage by 1.5.
  • Create Little Egg and Brown Egg items, both heal some HP when used.
  • Create Endless Grain, rice grain that's eternal, acts just like Leftovers but restores HP at 1/8 instead of 1/16 rate.
  • Instead of Mach and Acro bikes, normal speedy bike and skateboard for tricks/beam grinding/hopping.

General World Notes

  • Region is called Nuedo (as pun on new Edo), shaped like the prefecture of Edo.
  • Professor of region is Prof. Crissie Thistle (from the creeping thistle, which is a plant in the same family as the other professors without outright being a tree), whose idol is Prof. Rowan.
  • Team to battle is Team Dusk, who want to capture the legendary that carries the sun on its back (Twilei).
  • Breaking Band is a more conventional evil team you battle more than once.
  • Less time waiting for Honey Tree Pokemon.
  • Speeding up the Surf's field move speed.
  • Give easily-accessible HM Move Deleters.
  • LOWERED ENCOUNTER RATE FUCK!!! (in caves/mansion anyway)
  • Modifications to Partner battles: re-enable Repels and other disabled items, enable Surf for big Surf Pokemon (as big pokemon's Surf sprites are modified).
  • Efficient high-level training areas before being Championned.
  • The Berry plants keep working the same; Berry Trees can now sprout from single-tile berry spots. They grow at a three-times-slower rate than Berry plants, but need Cut or the Sickle item to take it down. The berries grow at the same rate as Berry plants.
  • Honey Tree, Berry Plant and Berry Tree locations, with only active ones showing on the Poketech map.
  • Add Sevii Islands 22-23-24 for new region.
  • Make Mystery Zone navigateable, use to link Sinnoh and new region together.
  • Don't forget to put in the six-Magikarp Fisherman trainer!
  • Add Trainer Liscence Test before getting the starter PKMN.
  • Restore PKMN Tamer class, circus has a few of them.
  • RUI Foreign Trainer cameo; someone called Rui (IDno 44013) traded me a female Pikachu with Volt Tackle bred onto her for one of my male ROOT Chikoritas with Ingrain/GrassWhistle/Aromatherapy egg moves!

Nuedo Notes

  • The starting town is called Mistlake Town, after Mist Lake, which is directly west of it. It's where Crissie Thistle lives.
  • Healing can be done by picnickers! (inspired by the google translated pokemon hack!!!) Picnicker asks if they can meet your pokemon, and they get to eat berry salads with picnickers, picnicker says they're beautiful and thanks player for getting to meet their pokemon. will only heal once a day though.
  • Chimchar family native to Nuedo region, but extremely rare nonetheless. Eighth town holds festival for an immortal Infernape who gained human speech and mannerisms like Team Rocket's Meowth, on the eighth of August, where the participants walk on coals. The Infernape is the wise, clever ruler/guardian of the town and the Fighting-type gym leader, called simply "Ape King".
  • One of the towns needs a travelling Pokemon circus set up in the nearby clearing. After post-game it moves to Johto's Lake of Rage. The circus master has an outfit close to Ash's in PETA's Black and Blue parody/brainwashing propaganda game. Assistants include ladies in sparkly bikinis with ostrich feather headdresses and stuff, a giant Donphan the public can pay to ride on (raise happiness of lead pkmn), and a restless trained Ponyta with decorative barding and headdress and red/gold flames that you can take with you until her happiness is raised back to max, then you can give her back to her rider for an unlimited supply of random ball-named items once a day.

Gym and E4 Notes

  • E4 members are normally related by type advantages to the subsequent member in line.
  • Dark Gym
  • Unofficial Glitch gym (tent), Leader is Jacred, offers player ?? MissingNo.
  • A new Kanto gym leader called Celadon Jack in (duh) Celadon, super robot fan, has cyborg/machine-like Pokemon team. Can give an official gym badge (Gestalt Badge) that gets checked instead of the canonical ones.
  • Crazy Ghetsis with the PETA brainwash propaganda game Pokemon Black and Blue, who has fled to Nuedo to try and take it over. Breaking Band finds him pretty annoying and when he comes up in the post game they strike a truce with the player (which can be permanent rather than temporary if you convince the science wing of Breaking Band to treat their fusions right. after that they steal the Ghetsis Cane design and release it to Pokemon researchers worldwide to disable Pokeball capture in certain areas). Breaking Band's leader stumbles over Ghetsis' name and finally, unceremoniously calls him George from then on.
++++ Concept art
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Sayings and superstitions

  • "It's not over until Jigglypuff finishes singing." "It's not over until the fat lady sings", english saying
  • "A desperate Arcanine leaps over mountains." "A dog in desperation will leap over a wall", chinese proverb
  • "The Growlithe gets the food, the Houndoom gets the blame." "The black dog gets the food; the white dog gets the blame", chinese proverb
  • "A person without a content heart is like an Ekans trying to consume a Donphan." "A person whose heart is not content is like a snake which tries to swallow an elephant", chinese proverb
  • "Even the smallest Bellsprout can endure that which would break a Torterra." "A reed before the wind lives on, while mighty oaks do fall", chinese proverb
  • "A tongue is faster than a Rapidash." "Four horses cannot overtake the tongue", chinese proverb
  • "Be afraid to dismount the Absol that you ride." "He who rides a tiger is afraid to dismount", chinese proverb
  • "A person doesn't know all their faults; a Tauros not all their strength." "Men know not all their faults, oxen all their strength", chinese proverb
  • "Aipom see, Aipom does." "Monkey see, monkey do", english saying

Planned & Applicable tropes

  • Abandonned Laboratory (Human Ruins)
  • Big Boo's Haunt (Soul Cave)
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