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Saukra's Stories

A mysterious curse…
Ninetails, a beast of legends amongst Pokemon, was encountered. By pulling one of its tails, Saukra was struck with a mighty, ancient curse, and turned into a Pokemon! She and Sparx travelled far and wide, running from trainers and finding refuge amongst their old friends from Viridian Forest. They could not find how to undo the curse, but sent the Pikachu and Cubone on a long and arduous quest to the northwest, into Johto's Mount Silver.
The mountain, full of caves and dangerous cliffs, was home to many strong Pokemon. The strongest of them dwelled at the mountain's peak, staring straight into the sun and immobile as a statue. Xatu, who could see the past and future, directed Saukra and Sparx to return to Saffron in Johto, and ask the smartest of the Pokemon for advice and guidance. But they did not depart Mount Silver empty-ended, Xatu's prediction of Saukra's return to her human form taking the weight off their hearts.
The psychic bird teleported the Cubone and the Pikachu back to Cobalt Island, the closest area to Saffron City. They rode on Lapras' back to Cerulean Cape, and from there began moving through the wilderness, headed toward Saffron. There, Saukra and Sparx infiltrated the gym, and met the wisest of all Pokemon, Alakazam, who knew everything that had happened since the world was born. Not even his knowledge could find a solution, but he knew of a great power even older than Ninetails', somewhere in the cold vastness of a far-away northern land.
At Sparx's request, Alakazam teleported them back to Cerulean Cape, where they boarded Lapras for a second time. The three of them wandered to the north, until the water became icy and the land covered in snow. They left Lapras and travelled through an iced-over forest, fighting against the elements. There, they found a hidden Pokemon village, led by Misdreavus, a witch apprentice. Although she could break Ninetails' curse if she evolved, no Pokemon could grow in the icy, disaster-stricken land.
With Misdreavus at their side, they found Wishcash, who was as old as the earth itself, and listened to ancient legends. There were once three Pokemon of incredible power who guarded the land, led by an even greater Pokemon. All four had been crafted by an ancient tribe of humans, but when the humans left, so did the man-made trio's leader. Without his guidance, they lost themselves and the balance of the land was quickly broken. To restore the icy land, a hero would one day come and awaken the three from their nightmares.
Regirock, Regice and Registeel, the Pokemon created by man's hand, could only be roused from their sorrowful slumber by a human, Wishcash said. Saukra immediately knew what to do, and she began venturing across the devastated land, leading an ever-growing team of courageous Pokemon to save their own kind from the dangers of their homeland, until peace returned and the great witch Mismagius appeared to Saukra and Sparx, granting them their wish as thanks.
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