Characters: "Neo"

A mysterious woman who seems to know her stuff about Pokémon. Despite that she tends to use her favorites to fight with, as opposed to the most effective… And still wins a decent amount of time, even if she has unusual Pokemon.


Yuna Slash Lumine Qwerty Oscar MissingNo.

In Storage

Blues Capoeira Sevipain Zangrief Zerglory Shiny
Shove Shiver Shake Shellac Shackle Shimmer
Hybridread Shrivel Shave Shame Share Roundhouse
Softie Empa Maggie Squishy Sunnie Hothead
Treat Audrey Oxique Masquerade Samba Pad Boombox
Maxixe Petal Tango Bud Suzie Alexia Sweep Mary
Bioweapon Shepard Esther Solairis Star Goldheart

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