Characters: Joan



Female Spearow, caught in Poke Ball on Route 46, Johto, at level 2. Her starter and first Pokemon.
Female Wooper, caught in Poke Ball inside Union Cave, Johto, at level 5. Her second-caught Pokemon.
Female Paras, caught in Poke Ball inside Ilex Forest, Johto, at level 6.
Male Rattata, caught in Poke Ball on Route 33, Johto, at level 6. He can chew small trees down and clear paths.
Ditto, caught in Great Ball on Route 34, Johto, at level 10.
Female shiny Elekid, hatched from the odd egg received from the daycare at level 5.


Picnicker Liz
Encountered on Route 32, Liz has a Nidoran F. She often chats with Joan about Joan's travels as a trainer throughout Johto.
Fisherman Ralph
Encountered on Route 32, Ralph has a Goldeen. He tells Joan when he can find rare fish Pokemon on the route. He introduces himself as Uncle Ralph when calling Joan, and tends to remind her to call her mom often. He has a son who catches Pokemon with him.
Hiker Anthony
Encountered on Route 33, Anthony has two Geodudes. He tells Joan when he finds rare Pokemon in Union Cave, because he stumbles on them often.
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