Sonic Advance 2 - GameShark Codes
(Must Be On)
6FDBB4C0 D1006E0D
1A706E7D A8A5D009
Main Game Codes
Max Rings 1A8AFCAB 00B532B0
Tiny Chao Garden Unlocked 05906716 5D9341EE
Tiny Chao Garden Codes
Infinite Rings 1F62DB24 E075DA13
Get Tails Chao 0D8CC0AA 5E86B233
3E6CE451 69306FA8
69D6AEC9 DA925E6C
Get Amy Chao 0D8CC0AA 5E86B233
87977360 E4A950E4
E8988E8A D0005A0D
Get Knuckles Chao 0D8CC0AA 5E86B233
1F66BE00 BB1F5943
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