Important Quotes

The following are all quotes that real persons have said before, and rang true to me. I'm making this page to share them with you as well.

Please be aware that those quotes and the sentiments behind them might not be your personal beliefs. And that's okay. But this is what I believe in, and no amounts of harassing will make me shift my position.

"You will be controlled. You will be subjugated. You will be marginalized. And when subjugation walks in, freedom walks out. Now what do I mean? That means gone will be equal opportunity in the work force. Gone will be equal education. Gone will be equal pay for equal work. Gone will be health care benefits. Gone will be retirement benefits. Your freedoms will be gone. Because this is not about babies, again. It's about subjugation of women by male dominated societies. It's no more; it's no less."
George Richard Tiller, MD, 2004

"You know, one of the wandering monsters in Final Fantasy, one of the games that helped build the RPG genre of videogame in the US, was the Creep. It was spectacularly damaging for when you first met it – a single one could be a TPK. And yet, it dropped almost nothing of value. It was ugly, it harmed you a lot just by showing up, and the best case scenario was that you got almost nothing out of the experience."
Anonynous commenter, 2014

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