Lian Master

Home Dimension: Subeta
Species: Angelic Mahar

inspiration: Lian

A jealous, selfish and self-centered dragon with a glittering hoard who loves a fallen angel named Michael. he's a programming wizard, but his laziness and often unpalatable behavior makes him hard to work with, especially when he decides the world owes him for his presence. he's very hissy and passive-aggressive, but when confronted directly by someone much stronger, his bravado gives up and he flees or takes on a false, sweet, harmless and submissive facade. don't be fooled by it, though. if he hates someone enough, he's more than willing to kill them, or do even worse things to make them pay for any slight against him, real or imagined.

Species: Angel Sammich

Michael is a mellow guy, maybe a little slow and not possessed of as much self-preservation as Lian, but he would defend Lian to the death when Lian is actually (mostly) innocent. absolutely loves Lian to pieces and extremely loyal, ready to sacrifice himself for Lian's sake. Lian is likewise REALLY attached to Mic and would kill for him (and has!)

Dropped out of the Delphi Museum of Modern Art

100 levels
200 strength
500 intelligence

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